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Comment Re:Willing to bet.. (Score 1) 1706

I'm pretty certain if he didn't have a gun it wouldn't have happened, so there is that?

Correct. Instead, he'd have made a pipe bomb full of bb's, or brought in a couple of machetes and started slashing at femoral arteries. Perhaps a little ricin powder in the smoke grenade for added effect. Someone who's so psychopathic as to reach a point where they want to kill random people is going to find a way to get the job done. The gun is not the problem.

Comment Re:As long as they... (Score 1) 240

Yes, a thousand times yes! But in my experience it's only the iOS version that's so crippled.

I've had an iPod Touch (well, 2 different ones) and the Facebook app going on 3 years now, and you still can't "share" posts / links / photos, half the time you can't "like" individual comments in a thread, etc. The Android version has no problem performing these functions. I don't understand what's holding back development and feature implementation on the iOS version, considering that the platform is so popular.

Comment Re:More than just a static IP (Score 2) 160

Yeah, you really oughtn't try to volunteer your DSL connection. If you have a dedicated server somewhere, though, it's pretty simple to configure ntpd and register yourself as part of the pool. I've been doing my part for a few years (whoops - I rebooted yesterday). The traffic really is negligible and the load is practically nil. If you've got the resources, help the cause!

Comment Re:headline incorrect (Score 1) 177

How the hell do you keep something like moving POTUS a secret? The convoy and Airforce One aren't exactly subtle.

You don't use the motorcade (or you send it off in another direction as a decoy, although that wasn't done in this case). You do the transport with a couple of heavily armored but nondescript looking vehicles that exit half a mile away through a tunnel to a "civilian" parking garage. You tell your carefully selected members of the press corps that the Vice President will be traveling to some flyover state to make another "big stick" stumping speech, no big deal, nothing to get excited about.

Air Force One is a different story, but those are being repositioned all the time without anyone important in the cabin. As long as there aren't 15 huge black SUVs with lightbars pulled up next to it on the ramp, nobody's really going to pay attention to its comings and goings.

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