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Comment Re:Shill (Score 1) 545

That linked article also states that most of these laws (& of them are over 100 years old) are in the process of being repealed because they are stupid & have scientifically been proven to do not a damn thing in regards to how much water returns to the water table. Sounds like a non-issue & the system is working as designed.

Comment Re:Wouldn't work (Score 1) 313

Just because you take a few classes that help you to understand logic and how computers work doesn't mean you have to be a computer scientist.

They should skip the whole computer programming thing & just bring back "Logic & Critical Thinking" as a class. This would be much more useful & would still benefit anyone who was interested in programming.

Comment Re:Surprisingly lazy (Score 1) 235

I agree they should have obtained a warrant to enter the apartment. They had plenty of probable cause for one but even you admitted that they didn't really need one when you wrote "or if they suspect a crime is in commission." Knowledge of the stolen phone being in the apartment is knowledge of an ongoing crime: possession of stolen property. That particular crime just goes on and on until the stolen property is no longer stolen.

Sorry, you apparently don't understand how the chain of evidence, the 4th amendment or warrants work. How did they know that phone was in the apt? Fruit of a poison tree. This guy is going to walk because TPD hires morons.

Comment Re:Surprisingly lazy (Score 4, Informative) 235

Stingrays *do not track single phones*.

They slurp up all the cell phone connections in a rather large area. It's like tapping every phone in a neighborhood to find one suspected grow operation.

Every single connection that a Stingray made would have to have a warrant attached to it. See Commonwealth v. Augustine.

And they have apparently been doing this for a while. I have a feeling TPD is going to be responsible for allowing a lot of criminals in the Tallahassee area to have their charges / convictions thrown out.

Comment Re:Surprisingly lazy (Score 1) 235

Even if it was a targeted search for a single phone (which it wasn't, stingrays slurp up all cell phone connections in a given area), they would have still had to to get a warrant to enter the premises. If LEOs don't have a warrant, they can only enter with a resident's permission or if they suspect a crime is in commission. Not several hours after the fact.

Comment Re:WTF???? (Score 4, Insightful) 235

Using illegally gathered location data (for the stolen phone as well as the other $LARGENUMBER people in the area) & then failing to get a warrant to enter the premises after being refused entrance by the suspect's girlfriend is where they fucked up. All evidence past that point is not admissible. Fruit of a poison tree & all that.

Because the police & DA couldn't follow the simple rules that they are supposed to, a thief & rapist is going to walk. We should be livid & LEOs should be getting fired because of this.

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