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Comment Happy with it. (Score 1) 279

I have an OUYA, the "Kickstarter" edition. Got it about 2 & 1/2 weeks ago now I like it. The kids really like it. It does pretty much exactly what I wanted it to do. I have 0 problems with the wifi & the only issue I have with the controllers is that the touchpad needs work. Wired Xbox 360 controllers work well. I haven't tried pairing the Wii controllers yet, but I should be able to. I've bought two games (BombSquad & Ice Rage) cause the kids loved the demos. Stalagflight is simple but fun. Canabalt has laggy input which makes it difficult to time jumps. XBMC works well even in beta, but you may want to hook a keyboard up for the initial setup. Most of the emulators are well done but I wish they had more output filters.

I've tried side loading basically all of the Humble Bundle Android games. If they are made to work with a controller, they work well. The rest of them, not so much. Aquaria is as just as responsive as any PS2 title, so I'm thinking a lot of the current controller issues are with the games themselves & not the hardware. F-Droid has a quite a bit of GPL software & games that will run on the OUYA. Frozen Bubble works great.

Comment Re:Hopefully now they do hate M$ (Score 1) 463

So far the Wii U is strictly for gaming & Netflix. We don't use the Mii chat or the TVii functionality at all. I've done a little light web-browsing on it as well & they really should give the browser more love as well as WebGL compatibility. We've also played a D&D session on it via Roll20, but it's really only usable for displaying the map. The Wii U makes for a crappy media center as I have no idea how you'd go about setting it up as one. If it's possible to do so it's very not obvious. I imagine the Xbox 360 would be much better, but we don't actually use it as such because:

1.) We had an Apple TV 1st.
2.) Running the media center extensions basically makes whatever Windows PC / laptop they are on useless for normal computing. It stays @ 50 - 75% utilization constantly.

TL;DR, the Xbox 360 is a Halo & Tekken machine, not used for anything else at all even though I did try to use it as a media center for the kids. I may get a separate PC just to serve up files for that purpose in the future.

When the kids aren't playing emulators on the OUYA, they are playing BombSquad, Ice Rage, Stalagflight & Canabalt. They actually like BombSquad enough that they broke out their piggy banks & gave me money to buy it for them as soon as the trial was up. They are also playing Chronoblade, but not as much as the previous games or emulators. Personally, apart from the shoddy touchpad on the OUYA controllers I'm very happy with the system. I'm hoping the issues with the touchpads are something that can be fixed in software.

Comment Re:Lesson learned (Score 2) 53

That may well be, but I much prefer using ESRI products over *any* of the following:

GE Smallworld
OptiLite / OptiNT
Anything at all based on Microstation / Bentley.

But what do I know, I've only had to use this crap in production environments since 1998. As for a monopoly, far, far more of my customers use MapInfo than ESRI or anything else on that list.

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