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Comment Re:Should be collected by the feds (Score 2) 434

I dare say that's exactly the point. Why do you think brick-and-mortars are so happy about it?

They probably won't be for long. Actually, they probably just legislated their own death certificate. Amazon's next plan is to put warehouses in major metro areas & provide same day or one day delivery. Residents with a PC (or smartphone) & a bank account will never have to drive to a "big-box" store ever again if they don't want to.

Comment Re:wtf (Score 1) 372

You have a point, I wasn't thinking of a game just costing tens of millions of dollars to make as AAA & you're examples are definitely what I would consider AAA even if they are all pretty old. I was getting AAA confused with "decent non-indie" games. You gotta admit, it'd be pretty funny if Valve released HLE3 for Linux a few weeks before they released it on Windows.

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