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Comment Adjacent modern cores? (Score 1) 292

Why not just add more modern cores next to the existing old ones? Prolonged profit from the same site ensures that the old cores will be looked after. Cores really aren't that large, much of the room is the cooling and power grid connections. Those could be re-purposed.

We should seriously start attempting to achieve cores that do not need refueling for decades. The toshiba 4s is the farthest along in testing. It is designed to work continuously for 30 years.

With the benefit of increasingly available super computers needed to model complex interactions of fuel alloys we could bring fission technology to hundreds, if not 1000s of years of running without need of refueling. Though at that point I suppose it'd be more like 'before wearing out'.

Science fiction? Yeah, now....nothing in what I just wrote violates any of the laws of thermodynamics...so I say possible.

We landed on the moon, didn't we?

Comment Plasma Control at NIF (Score 1) 318


How likely is this approach to pan out in testing? It seems to me that plasma control would be paramount to success. I've read elsewhere that there have been advances is plasma control for tokamak reactors using supercomputers. Could these advances also be applied to this technique?


Comment Re:Not much to report. (Score 1) 961

I agree that Moore has given the entire movement a taint that will be hard to shake off. That said, if you go to their website occupywallst.org, your solution sounds similar to theirs. Maybe there appears to be no real purpose or real agenda because they aren't forcing themselves into a "Left" or "Right" ideology. They are trying to find a solution by listening to everybody.

The website talks about how this is not the worn out distracting battle between Conservative vs Liberal but rather one between the top 1% and the other 99% and how the top 1% has completely and thoroughly corrupted our government.

You and many others may belittle the movement and paint it as a bunch of 'hipsters', 'topless hippies', or whatever, but their message is pretty clear (if you listen). The country is being fisted by the top 1% and BOTH sides of the political system is owned by them.

Here's an example I just pulled out of my ass of the corruption this movement is trying to wake people up to: The government, through corn subsidies, gives you 7 free twinkies (through taxes you've paid) for every 1/3 of an apple.

Need I remind you of the scam that is healthcare? For me, what really showed me that both sides were bought and paid for was when Obama 'fixed' the healthcare system by forcing people to buy private for profit health insurance.

I could go on, but I'm depressing myself.

Comment Re:The major lessons (Score 1) 206

On the other hand nuclear waste needs to be refined, transported and stored safely for a long time. Sorry, but those are the laws of physics.

Inferring that nuclear waste has to be refined, transported, and stored safely are all unchangeable facts due to the laws of physics is garbage. Traveling wave reactors refine as they go, eliminating the need for transportation and refinement, and when the reaction is done the reactor vessel becomes the storage vessel.

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