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Comment Really? That is a great idea! (Score 2) 149

Put a bunch of whiney, selfish, over-indulged, arrogant, ethically-challenged, over-grown children who never got over believing they are special and everyone is exactly equal because everyone gets a trophy and have a group history of disrespecting other people's work and money, "should be given the power to spend corporate money on research and development" which means no pre-spending oversight.

What could possibly go wrong?

Comment Re:What a lie of a story and headline (Score 1) 247

Depending on location, it is illegal to record a conversation between two parties without those parties' knowledge. In some states, both parties are required to know, in other only one is required. That is why many video surveillance systems don't have sound capabilities. These are the laws many video peepers and upskirt video shooters were prosecuted under because there was nothing on the books about shooting video.

Comment Re:The equipment isn't the story (Score 1) 316

This is what happens when you can't sell papers, can't have a paywall, and ad revenues decline. What you don't realize that soon this will not be just the death of newspapers, but the death of what little true, professional, journalism is left. Soon, it will be all be bloggers, opinion panderers, and spin artists. If a person can't make money at a profession, that profession dies. Because everyone expects on-line news to be free and don't read newspapers anymore, print media are finding it harder and harder to make money, thus print journalists are finding it harder to make money.

Comment Re:Ya you are in alignment with them (Score 1) 590

No, you are full of bullshit. You spouted PETA's propaganda. Here, let's look at one claim you make:

PETA has an open-door program in place to accept and euthanize sick and injured animals which cannot be accepted into other animal shelters, in order to prevent them from being abandoned otherwise.

But, every governmental animal control agency in the United States accepts any animal turned in to them. They euthanize those that can't be adopted. Many non-profit, non-governmental shelters that do kill animals also accept unadoptable animals. The only shelters that tend not to accept the unadoptable are the no-kill shelters. You connect the dots. You are nothing but a PETA shill astroturfing as damage control

Comment Re:It is based on Linux.... (Score 1) 349

This website is full of people because it is a social/community website. It is run by people; the articles are selected by people, edited by people, and commented on by people. Have you forgotten you are person, the singular of people? When one looks at the articles selected by the editors who are PEOPLE, and the comments by the PEOPLE who make up the body of the website, one sees an obvious bias. Saying that 500,000 people shouting and moderating down 50,000 means there is more than one view is completely disingenuous. Keep digging, Skippy, I am sure you are going to bury me in that hole you are currently have to look up to see out of.

Comment Re:It is based on Linux.... (Score 1) 349

No, you called him a shill because he called out Slashdot on it's hypocrisy when it comes to proprietary vs FLOSS solutions. Classic ad hominem. It may be off topic but it is still true. You mention new and immature, which is a perfect description of PHP, Ruby on Rail, and all the newer technologies. It is really amusing watching you try to counter the truth by spewing hate at MS. Not only are you proving my point, you are continuing to prove mystikkman's point. Keep digging, Skippy, I am sure you will get out of your hole any time now.

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