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Comment Re:OnLive anyone? (Score 1) 116

Lack of marketing was true, but while their library was heavy with fanboy games, it did have a considerable amount of genres. Yes, I was using my 56k modem back in the day fragging people with my dreamcast playing Quake 3 Arena, at a steady frame rate. VMUs were a novel idea, and nintendo decided to rip off the idea by using the gameboy advance hookup for the Gamecube, which I also own. What angers me about Sony is their marketing power, they could release an inferior product, sell it undercost while losing money, and have exclusivity rights to majority of popular games simply because their company is so huge and can dump money into that division. Microsoft entered the console war with the same capability, and now the video game market in itself is failing. Developers aren't making the kind of money off the games that they should. Which is why Steam is so huge now(Developers don't pay the high marketing costs, royalty fees, labeling, printing, etc), and why I turned my sights to OnLive, which finally gets us back to the OP. Just thought I'd throw it out there, because I'm loving it and thought I'd share the experience of going all digital. :)

Comment OnLive anyone? (Score 1) 116

I didn't see anyone mention OnLive or it's Micro Console(http://www.onlive.com/game-system) which is my only 'current' console. I didn't like the PS3, in fact just out of personal preference I don't like Sony.. They are partly to blame for killing my beloved Dreamcast... (Along with their other business practices of late). The wii was fun but childish and the sensors are at their best... OK. And i'll never purchase anything from Microsoft. Never have, never will. Anyway, yes cloud gaming sounds terrible, but a 3Mbps connection is all you need for a stable 720p stream, which looks great on my older 720p 42" tv. 5Mbps and you get 1080i I believe. Last week I invited some friends over and decided to max out my Cox "Ultimate" internet, and sucessfully streamed Hulu to my laptop, and two OnLive connections to my Mac and PC desktops, and one connection to my Microconsole simultaneously without lag for hours on end.

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