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Comment Re:Official answer from Samsung (Score 1) 234

Yes, the chip can go up to 533MHz, but that's no indication of what it's actually rated to be in the S4. (Much as the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 share a GPU but one of them has a higher clock than the other.) Samsung never released a GPU spec for the S4, presumably because it used this farcical whitelisted under/overclock system depending on what app you ran.

Comment Re:politics, not science (Score 3) 66

Space exploration is the classic example of the kind of the kind of research that needs state funding: it's expensive, yet has hard-to-estimate returns that occur over an extremely long timescale.

There's a reason no private company has launched a planetary science mission, despite there being no competitive barriers to doing so.

Comment Re:Oh FFS (Score 1) 234

Given that a single component might be sold to be used at a variety of clock rates up to its hypothetical maximum depending upon need, it's more normal these days to say you're over/under clocking relative to the device's maximum under normal operation. For example, the original PSP's graphics chipset could run up to 333MHz, but all retail units were capped at 222MHz to reduce power consumption. Modders figured out how to unlock this an "overclock" to the PSP to much more than its designed graphics performance. However it was still within the upper limit of the component specifications.

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