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Comment Re:restarting pulseaudio fixed the stuttering prob (Score 1) 194

Yeah, unsurprising that restarting Firefox had no effect. Stuttering seems to be pulseaudio thrashing wildly in its buffers. I've had it happen with our game too. Can also leave application windows hanging as they wait for audio closes.
It is possible that just pulseaudio -k might have been enough without the restart, even.

Comment Re:Latest version (Score 1) 194

Welp, then downgrade or whatever can be an option if-when that happens. For now, I'd prefer using the addon over dropping back that far.
Hell, there's always ESR to drag that window out even further if indeed the addon gets abandoned.
But given how many people (me included) are annoyed with Australis, I expect the addon will have a reasonable shelf life.

Comment Re:More government control, that's the ticket (Score 1) 160

Oh, BTW, those 2 are pretty much same thing.
Child mortality drives life expectancy waaaay down. Is like, countries where life expectancy is 30. Isn't like people die at 30. If you made it to 30, most of the time you'll make it to 70. Is just that so many kids die it drives down the average.

There are calculations of life expectancy excluding under 3 or somesuch, but they are hard to find, and not as comprehensive.

Comment Re:More government control, that's the ticket (Score 2) 160

I've also read, although I'm too lazy to google for it, that where the US gets hit hard is infant mortality.
While part of that is immigrant population, poverty, another interesting factor is supposedly the US tries a lot harder to save preemies that would simply be considered stillborn elsewhere and not counted as infant mortality.

Comment Re:So this is what happens when Brendan Eich leave (Score 1) 361

Oh, and BTW, I find that
works pretty darn well if you want to watch YouTube in Firefox without plugins.

You might have to fiddle with the addon pref "YouTube video loading method" and possibly hit the opt-in page first, but it usually just works.

Comment Re:So this is what happens when Brendan Eich leave (Score 3, Insightful) 361

Well, here you are standing on principles. :)

You wanted to watch Youtube vids, so you run Google Chrome, which has even more liberal implementation of this DRM.

You didn't boycott Youtube.

So, this is why Firefox is implementing it. They no longer have the leverage. Google Chrome is bundled with Flash, with Adobe Acrobat, with Oracle Java. It is pushed on every google website people interact with - Search, Plus, Docs, Youtube, Translate. There's the google app store, ChromeOS, Android...

I doubt Brendan would have held out against this either. Firefox' choice is to accede to its users, or become even more marginalised.

I'm glad they are using their limited remaining leverage to try and at least ensure user privacy and security and offer something that is cross-platform, with an open source auditable wrapper and actually works under Linux.

Comment Re:Frequent hurricanes? (Score 1) 627

You'll get such things in any old red noise, which plenty of aspects of climate are.
I'm asking you what the cycle is... what is the length of time for example that you're claiming, and what do you think might be triggering it.

There *is* a sharp spike in ACE, and it might be related to, oh, who knows. Maybe the unusual strength of the solar cycle the past couple of cycles. Or maybe, oh, PDO or something.

But those aren't even necessarily cyclical. We don't know why the sun goes into depressions from time to time, and it might be simply chaotic.

The graph I was looking at, was really short. I'm curious how you could reliably extract any kind of cycle from just looking at it. So I wanted to know what your justification was.

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