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Comment Re:Dr. Who's Savior Complex (Score 1) 170

Now it's the case there are no limits on how many times he can regenerate

I remember when I was a little kid watching the episode where they talked about Doctor only being allowed twelve Regenerations (I think it was twelve, I was a kid at the time) and crying over it. I never wanted the Doctor to die and I thought it was mean of the Timelords to tell the Doctor he could only have so many Regenerations before he died. My old man, who was a huge Doctor Who fan himself, pulled me up into his lap and told me this story about how "Regeneration Juice" was very expensive and very hard to make. That in order to ensure they had enough for all the Timelords and their children, and to keep them from fighting over it and use it all up quickly, they they all had to agree to share.

I doubt its Cannon, just a silly little story told to a crying child. But if its got any basis in truth then with there being only one Timelord, and no other Timelords to share with, the "juice" available to the Doctor during Regeneration would be pretty much unlimited.

Or, more realistically, when the RegenValue was originally chosen the BBC didn't have any clue that the show would remain as popular as it has and continue to be produced even now. They probably figured 12, or whatever number was chosen, was safe because they were probably quite convinced the show would have been cancelled before it ever reached that number.

Comment Re:Er...what's wrong with the classic series? (Score 1) 170

If we're going to have the Doctor start meeting up with the Disney Kids then my vote is for Selena Gomez, her portrayal of Alex on Wizards of Waverly Place often stole the show. You've piqued my curiosity, I'd certainly be interested in seeing the guy who finds all the trouble paired with the girl who makes all the trouble just to see what kind of trouble they'd get into together.

Comment Re:Schnooky schnooky! (Score 1) 104

One LRM-20 salvo to the rear-right torso armor should be enough to detonate its ammo and it's all over.

That's only if you luck out and get a high enough roll on the missile hit table to get all 20 missiles to hit and get all four rolls to hit the same spot. My personal favourite tactic is to take an Archer, park him in a corner, use a few scout mechs for scouting ahead in cover as spotters, and then pop off long range shots hoping to get enough 5 point clusters that one of them hits the head.

Head hits always cause stun damage to the pilot and gives a chance they'll pass out, at the very least it'll increase the to hit modifiers on that mech for the rest of the game - at least they did when I played years and years ago.

I don't play much anymore, the game simply takes way too long to play - I'd go to friends houses early Friday night and play until late Sunday and still not finish an actual game. The only time we'd really finish a game in a reasonable amount of time was lance on lance, but even then it can take the better part of a day and a half to finish a game.

Comment Re:Awesome (Score 1) 710

all of the people who expressed a preference wanted to see the 2D version.

I've seen it three times (I still can't believe it only came out a few weeks ago and is already on Blu-Ray), once in IMAX 3D and twice in 2D. While I don't regret seeing it in IMAX 3D, Joss did a phenomenal job with the 3D in that film, I've always found it to me much more analogous to "Headache Vision" than anything; the film needs to be AMAZING for me to not notice the road crew jackhammering the inside of my skull while wearing those 3D glasses.

Deliberately went twice more just to see it in 2D and even though I'll buy the 4 disc mega box, just in case I buy a 3D TV at some point in the future, I'll likely only watch the 2D version of the film.

Comment Re:Mountain bike in the city, for my safety's sake (Score 1) 356

You pedal down the hills?

Yes. When I was a kid taking my bike to a friend's house meant I had to go through a small valley - not really bad now that I'm an adult but to a kid it was huge - where if you didn't pedal like a crazy fool down one side you didn't have the momentum to clear the other, you'd have to get off about half way up the other side and walk. It made a tonne of sense to boost your ass down the hill so you'd clear the top of the other side.

Then there is the exhilaration of speeding down hills, legs pumping like crazy, as you realize you're going as fast as the cars was fun as hell!

Comment Re:No thanks. (Score 2, Informative) 133

Based on nearly every emergency room doctor asking me if I have an allergy to Penicillin during the medical history part of the interview I figured it was an actual real thing. Still, just in case, I found this Wiki page talking about Penicillin drug reactions that covers allergic reactions and has links to some studies or some such thing.

Honestly I'm not really well versed in the nitty gritty medical terms so I didn't entirely understand everything on the page, but I figure if its important enough for a doctor I've never seen before to ask me about then that means there's likely some people who are allergic to anti-bacterial agents.

Comment Re:No thanks. (Score 4, Insightful) 133

I like the bacteria that lives on my body too... not so much the bacteria in the creek on the side of the road seeping into my open wounds thanks to the asshat who just cut me off.

This kind of thing could be great for people who have allergies to anti-bacterial agents or, as the summary states, "provide a convenient way for paramedics and military personnel to deal with harmful bacteria in the field." If you're going to complain about killing off the good bacteria on your skin then rail about anti-bacterial soap and hand sanitizer, their daily use does far more damage to the good bacteria on your skin than any $100+ device used in an emergency will ever do.

Comment Re:Emigration vs Immigration control (Score 4, Insightful) 417

Which is fine if you don't live or travel anywhere near the US, Canada, Mexico, or Cuba. But seeing as how I live in Canada this rule pretty much means I can't travel anywhere without oodles of stress waiting to see if they accidentally confused me with someone else. The idea I need the express permission of a foreign country I have no intention of travelling to before I travel is, frankly, complete and utter bullshit.

In effect the US Government has made prisoners of the citizenry of four nations, including their own, unless of course we're willing to give up what tiny shred of personal rights and freedoms they've deigned let us keep.

Comment Re:I sold my Apple stock in 2005 (Score 1) 570

Like I said to my sister in 1999, there's no way not to hate yourself if you invest in stocks. What are your options?

Buy a stock and it goes down, apparently forever. What a dope I am.
Buy a stock and it goes up. Sell, and it goes up further. Damn, I knew I got out too early.
Buy a stock and it goes up then back down. Shit! I got greedy and lost money.
Buy a stock and it goes up, you sell, then it goes down. I knew I had that stock figured out! Why the hell did I only buy 200 shares?

You forgot one...

Buy a stock and company uses your money to engage in morally indefensible behaviour, not the least of which is lobbying against your rights.

Comment Re:It's called an idiot box for a reason ... (Score 1) 210

I already use my iPhone and iPad as remotes with AirPlay it's absurdly simple to flip video onto any screen in my house or office.


My Mom screams every time the cable bill comes in, "This shits way too expensive, I'm going to cancel it!!! Shit, then I won't get my shows, damn cable." After months of her whining about this I took her down to the Apple store, I was going to get her a Mac Mini and set it up as an HTPC with a wireless keyboard / mouse. She wanted the opinion of the sales guy as well and once she explained what it was he scrunches up his face in thought and says, "Come with me."

Walks us over the to Apple TVs, I wasn't too interested in that since I'd dismissed it as a physical front end for the iTunes movie store and other than Netflix (which the Blu-Ray player already did) I didn't see much use in it. So then he grabs his iPad and with a push of the button he's got AirPlay mirroring running and playing a movie right off the iPad on the TV, I don't know why I didn't think of it before! Once my Mom saw she could get her shows, she used his iPad to confirm all the channels she watches have apps that carry her shows, *and* have a connected device that she can keep in touch with the Grandkids via FaceTime and also fits in her purse, well, she was tickled pink.

She's set aside some cash for the iPad 3 and Apple TV 3 once they get released in March*, the Cable is getting cancelled not much later. :-)

* Rumours are sketchy on the Apple TV 3 is being released in March but with other rumours that Apple has been asking content providers to send them 1080p files, and the iPad 3 screen rumoured to be 1080p, it makes sense for it be released at around the same time.

Comment Dear EA... (Score 1) 117

Dear EA...

Please follow this example and do a refresh, please no remakes or re-imaginings, of the Wing Commander series.

I, and a few friends I know, would be more than willing to drop 50 - 100+ dollars into a Kickstarter project that would portray the original Wing Commander stories with modern updated graphics, sound, all new voice overs with the established series voice actors, and full HOTAS support.

I'll even drop an extra 50 bucks if you provide a Steam-Play version so I can play it natively on my Mac.

A Wing Commander Fan who want to give you money...

PS: Lets do this for System Shock and System Shock 2 as well okay?

Comment Re:Both DRM free and DRM'ed versions. (Score 1) 117

If Valve turns off their servers, you lose all your games.

I used to think this way too, until I realized that just about every game eventually goes on sale for the amazingly cheap 75% - 90% off. I've never bought a game full price, most of my stuff is in the 10-15 dollar range, and I get a lot of hours of enjoyment out of it. At that cheap price its like a rental I never have to return, making it incredibly convenient.

Besides, its not like I can't go online and find cracked copies of the executable files that would let me play the game without Steam if I really wanted to.

Comment Re:Because everyone needs a gullwing suv (Score 1) 306

I'm just not interested in a 'family car'.....which is anything with > 2 functional seats.

Then just buy a Smart ca, retrofit it with a Hyabusa engine, then go smoke a Ferrari. Not only would it be novel but it'd probably cost a lot less than a Corvette to boot. Then there's the fact with the Tridion Safety cell, instead of Fibreglass panels, you'll even have some decent crash protection** if you screw up doing donuts in the parking lot trying to impress people. :-)

As a 2005 Smart owner myself I've been giving some serious thought to swapping out the diesel engine, once it comes time to rebuild the engine, for something with a lot more guts; a 35 horsepower Turbo Diesel just don't cut it when you need to enter the highway from a short merge lane or pass someone going under the limit.

** : Yes, the video makes it look scary. If you pay attention at the end though it will tell you, and rightly so, that NO ONE would survive a 70 MPH instant stop into a solid wall regardless of what they're driving; the same goes for a tractor trailer -- unless you're driving a tank hitting a tractor trailer in any vehicle is usually a death sentence. What the test does show is that even at high speeds the Smart maintains most of its shape, if you extrapolate that logically what it means is if you hit another vehicle at the far lower speeds you're likely to be traveling at the damage to the car would be even less and increasing your chances of survival.

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