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Comment Re:one caveat (Score 4, Insightful) 359

Right now my options are:

1. Give complete control to Apple, who are already abusive assholes.
2. Give complete control to Microsoft, who are already abusive assholes.
3. Give complete control to the phone company, who are already abusive assholes.
4. Give very little control to Google, but maybe one day they'll start to be abusive.
5. Do without a phone.

From where I'm sitting, #4 looks like the least bad.

Comment Re:No LTE, less space than a nomad (Score 3, Informative) 359

...but I want to be able to have the ability to use microSD cards to keep my media on and be able to easily change it in and out...

If you put your music on Google Music, you can tap-hold on an album or artist and select "Keep on device", and it'll cache it on the device for offline listening. When you're tired of it, uncheck the same option and it'll be garbage-collected.

Honestly, dicking around with sync programs and SD cards would be much harder work.

They need something like that for movies. I suspect it'll come eventually.

Comment Re:A Windows PC? (Score 2) 284

The Windows PC option has two big problems though.

1. Windows. So it's not going to be open for long, if Microsoft have anything to do with it. (See: Windows 8.)

2. PC. So I can't play it slumped on the couch on a big screen TV.

There's also the cost aspect.

Comment Re:$128,000? (Score 1) 342

More importantly, there are some things no amount of personal compensation could provide: ethnic diversity, world class cuisine, sublime landscape, beautiful weather year round, municipal infrastructure (no boil orders for septically contaminated water), and a dozen other things even 50 years of economic development could not deliver to places like the one I lived in in Ohio.

Yeah, but I don't live in Ohio, and I already have those things.

Comment Re:$128,000? (Score 2) 342

Considering the amount of effort in getting a job there, the hours worked, and the cost of living in Mountain View, I think that roughly equals minimum wage.

You were moderated funny, but that's actually insightful. According to an online Cost of Living Comparison Tool, if I wanted to accept a job at Google they'd need to more than double my salary.

I think that their insistence on moving engineers to Mountain View is likely hurting them.

Comment Re:Let Hans Reiser work (Score 2) 317

There is no reason why a convict should be denied the tools and space to develop software when that software is in everyone's best interest.

In general, no. However, have you seen his handwritten letters and read the text of his complaints and demands? The guy is seriously delusional and deep in denial. I don't think I'd want to trust my data to code written by a mind that unhinged.

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