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Comment Am I the only one who prefers "dumb" TVs anymore? (Score 5, Insightful) 249

Just give me a basic 42-50 inch monitor with speakers, a few HDMI ports and an ATSC tuner. If I want internet functionality, video conferencing or other features, I'll get my own add-on box. And when the software is no longer supported (what makes you think these TV manufacturers want to support this stuff for long), I can dump the box and get a newer one for much less than the cost of a brand new "smart" TV. To me, the only truly smart TV is one that divorces the advanced functionality from the TV.

Comment Basic Human Rights Should Remain Somewhat Constant (Score 1) 332

Thinking longer term helps you understand the difference between a necessity and a basic human right. 100 years ago, freedom of speech was a basic human right. 100 years from now freedom of speech will be a basic human right. 100 years ago mobile broadband was not a basic human right, and who is to say it will be around (in current form anyway) in 100 years. I suppose we could have labeled the telegraph a basic human right 100 years ago, but that would be considered preposterous today.

Comment Re:Hybrid Drives (Score 1) 405

Doesn't striping increase the latency? In other words, your burst transfer speeds (like copying large files) will compare favorably to an SSD, but don't the other tasks that require reading lots of smaller files (like booting) still perform slowly? I only have a 2 drive stripe, and it's quick on some tasks, but doesn't compare to any of my laptops with a first gen SSD.

Comment Re:antitrust issues? (Score 5, Insightful) 434

Doubt it. They can choose to support or not support whatever they want. They just can't actively use their current monopoly position to harm competition in another market (operating systems). If they put in some special instructions that actively sabotage the Linux kernel from running, that would be one thing. From what it sounds like though, they are merely not providing drivers/source code for Linux for some of the CPU features for this platform. Of course since a lot of geeks will try to get Linux running on a toaster for the lulz, I expect this to only be a short-term hindrance.

Comment Re:How is it even possible to innovate these days? (Score 2) 286

Did it not occur to you that perhaps this is what the larger firms want? By setting up this confusing system in such a manner, it makes it nearly impossible for smaller companies to innovate. That ensures they do not have to face nearly as much disruptive technology as they otherwise would, and their revenue streams remain secure.

Comment Re:"The flaw" not really much of a flaw (Score 1) 152

You can by a SIM from for $15, and then a 30 day plan that includes unlimited talk, text and data for $45. I currently use one in my iPhone; if your phone doesn't allow you to change your APN settings manually you'll have to jump through a single hoop (download a new carrier profile from some website) in order to get the data to work.

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