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Comment Re:Good for balls and strikes (Score 1) 141

The strike zone also varies from batter to batter (the lower boundary is the batters kneecaps, and the upper boundary is the midpoint between the batters shoulders and belt). The robots would have to be able to enforce a varying strike zone for every player which makes it that much harder I believe. A robot that was able to measure whether or not a ball is inside or outside (since those dimensions of the strike zone do not vary) would be somewhat useful, but even then most of the "blown calls" I see are from high or low strikes incorrectly called balls, mostly the low strike.

Comment Real Reason This Has Come To Pass (Score 1) 389

I'm betting it's because Microsoft's WGA or WAT or whatever they're calling their activation process is currently bypassed for OEMs by way of a BIOS certificate, and the stuff necessary to bypass it by the warez scene is typically a bootloader. I'm betting that the only way companies get to use the OEM way of activating Windows with a single key is if secure boot is enabled. The impact to malware and Linux are both probably incidential benefits to Microsoft. How to tell if I'm right? See if it asks you to activate your copy of Windows when you disable secure boot on your Windows 8 Dell.

Comment Forget Verizon Math (Score 2) 140

We always laugh at Verizon for how they erroneously calculated billing, what about AT&T's fuzzy math? 4 competitors - 1 competitor > 3 competitors? tens of thousands of jobs lost due to merger "cost reductions" a few thousand call center jobs? Really? It boggles the mind how stupid they think we all are.

Comment Re:no: height (Score 1) 473

You should try being short then. I can follow all the guidelines listed in TFA and still get about a 1:15 response rate (and even then 75% of the responses are "Thanks, but I'm not interested"). It's really not all that worth it...

Comment Re:Without R&D investment, innovation WILL fal (Score 1) 321

Glad to hear another fellow MBA on Slashdot. I'm finished with mine in December. Nowhere in any of my classes have they said "boosting the share price at all costs" was the goal of a CEO. Even if that were the case, share price is a function of expected future returns... what do you think will happen to those future returns when R&D gets cut? Mostly what we are taught about the role of a CEO is that they are central to creating and executing the business strategy that takes the needs of the shareholders, the customers, and the employees (the key stakeholders) into account.

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