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Comment Use and abuse (Score 1) 487

There was a time when you had to be very careful about the ram and the processing limitations.
You had to make sure you had enough space for your variables and make some weird stuff to get more done with less resources.
That's all gone now, hardware is relatively cheap so too little people care about optimizing the size of stuff.

Comment Think who you vote in October! (Score 1) 170

Just what the subject says...
We in Argentina have presidential elections in October.
If you are an Argentinean, think about this censorship, think about the fines they issued at anyone doing private (and real) inflation indexes, think about the current government war agains one of the mayor TV, radio, newspapers and magazines producer.
Think about all that and then decide who you are going to vote.

America Online

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Is facebook the new AOL?

elPetak writes: Think about it... AOL had it's own mailing, instant messaging, pages accessible via keywords and other stuff all in the same interface.
So my questions are:
Isn't that very similar to what Facebook has become?
and more important, will facebook suffer the same fate?

Submission + - Underwater Spider Spins Itself an Aqualung (

sciencehabit writes: In the ponds of northern Europe lives a tiny brown spider with a bubble on its back. The 10-millimeter-long Argyroneta aquatica is the only spider in the world that spends its entire life underwater. But just like land spiders, it needs oxygen to breathe. So every so often, it leaves its underwater web home to visit the surface and brings back a bubble of air that sticks to its hairy abdomen. It deposits the bubble into a little silk air tank spun for the purpose. This "diving bell," researchers have now found, is not just a repository. It's actually a gill that sucks oxygen from the water, allowing the spider to stay under for up to 24 hours.

Submission + - Finally Linux get Btrfs (

shifting_control writes: "At its IRC meeting on Wednesday, the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo) resolved to use Btrfs as the standard file system in Fedora 16 “Verne”. Btrfs was called the “Next Generation File System for Linux” by numerous major kernel developers two years ago and is still labelled as experimental. For Fedora 16 there will be a “simple switch” from Ext4 to the new file system; therefore Fedora’s installation program will not force Btrfs’ RAID- and LVM-like capabilities onto users."

Comment Same here (Score 1) 619

I have the same problem but worse.
I was getting emails from an online bill paying systems from other country that aren't for me. My best guess is that the $%&"&!#$& guy didn't know his own fricking address and entered mine by mistake.
I got tired of reporting the issue so I finally decided to reset the site password (got the new pass by email), login, change the address and password to something random so I would never remember it and then logoff.
If people is stupid enough to type a wrong address in their homebanking account they deserve worse than that.

All the other emails I get that were for someone else, I'm just sending a reply telling the sender that the address is wrong and then I flag it as spam (using gmail).

Comment Re:This just in... (Score 1) 427

I got virus on DOS and Linux (yes, linux), but never on windows because I use a good antivirus and I'm carefull, but I've seen tons of peopler using free and popular antiviruses like AVG getting infected.
Having said that, prolly the only reason I never got a virus in a Mac is because I never had one.

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