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Comment Re:Durability (Score 1) 1052

What was the point of mentioning the price? "You can get a screen replaced for a couple hundred dollars"....where have I seen that price before....OH right, the price of a new contracted 16-gb iPhone 5!! I will never pay $200 for a screen replacement when the parts cost a mere $20 and it takes less than an hour of my time to accomplish, and neither should anyone else.

Comment Re:I'm still blown away (Score 1) 536

They had systems in place for a loss of power event. The problem was they didn't anticipate the length of time the loss of power event would continue. There was a steam/battery powered system designed to cool the reactor without any external power but the batteries ran dry before any help could arrive due to the devastated state of the roads and land around them. I suppose they assumed that if they lost power, they could sound the alarm and quickly get a generator truck in place while they worked on restoring the main power.

Comment Re:See? (Score 5, Insightful) 267

Probably not....Japanese people are much more willing to put up with personal discomfort for the sake of the collective. A big part of their culture revolves around keeping harmony with the people around them, so speaking up with a complaint is unbecoming. Also having an idea that differs from other peoples' is frowned upon. This summer will probably turn out to be the same as last summer, with the rolling blackouts making a comeback. Although since more power plants have been shut down, the radius of blackouts might be extended. I don't know what my company will do during the blackouts if they come to our area, since we develop software and obviously can't do that with no power ;P.

Comment The reason America can't (Score 1) 1303

Yeah....the reason that "no company in America can match that" is that any company that tried to would be facing legal prosecution with regards to indentured servitude, a human rights violation which is outlawed in the U.S. as far as I can tell. Nice omission there Apple.....

Comment Re:Actually there is something else I would like t (Score 3) 245

Amen, everything you have said resounds with me, and especially my father. The only service available in the rural upstate NY village is satellite, or a 3G modem (which has better pings, but much worse caps of around 5GB per month). The entire street petitioned for cable to be run (everyone would agree to subscribe), but the cable company's response? Ok, pay us $10,000 per mile of cable we need to run and we'll do it. A few hundred feet down the next road is a house with DSL, but it is unavailable where my father is. Satellite internet is a mechanism that should only need to be used on Arctic expeditions (akin to Satellite phones). Fuck it, and fuck the state of U.S. internet as well. Other countries seem to love taking American inventions and improving them, while America squanders them. Here in Tokyo I can buy a 40 Mbps WiMax subscription for $40 a month and use it anywhere in the city and surrounding areas with up to 10 devices at once. However, my poor father has too hard of a time even talking to me on Skype because of the 2000ms delays and no alternative choice. To add to what to above poster said, here is an even better tidbit: Back in the earlier days of satellite they DIDN'T EVEN GIVE YOU A BANDWIDTH GAUGE!! You just had to guess, and if you thought you went over because the quality was shit (i.e. half the time in fair weather and 90% of the time in bad weather) you called in to ask them how much you had used.

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