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Submission + - MacGyver Multi-tool bypass for Medeco Locks

An anonymous reader writes: Over at Engadget and also at there an analysis detailing the bypass of Medeco's High Security m3 slider with nothing more than a paper clip. While this is only one of three levels of security in this lock the author claims that with this bypass the lock is susceptible to bumping and picking. (previously Medeco touted the m3 as "bump proof" and "pick proof")

Submission + - iPhone/Yahoo mail security vulnerability (

Will Sheward writes: "Whilst trying to figure out how the iPhone was doing it's 'push' email with Yahoo (it seems it doesn't — but that's another story) we came across another security flaw. The iPhone authenticates with Yahoo using a private protocol called XYMPKI, used in conjunction with IMAP. Yahoo do not provide a general IMAP service — they use IMAP only for iPhone access. Although the iPhone supports TLS (Transport Layer Security) Yahoo! IMAP doesn't, which can lead to a replay attack. Anyone able to eavesdrop on the authentication exchange, such as when using any open (public or private) wi-fi service, can easily gain full access to the user's email account until the user changes their password. We would advise against using the Yahoo service with an iPhone, because of this security risk. Full details here"

Submission + - Sony attempts Jedi Mind Trick on Disc Jockeys

in.johnnyd writes: Yet another story of the Big Guy trying to keep the little guy down. When the disc jockeys played the track despite Sony BMG Nashville's "request" that they "immediately cease such unauthorized broadcasting," Sony turned around and apologized with the ominous "We should not have involved radio in trying to resolve our issues with a third party that violated its agreement with us." I doubt Sony BMG Nashville has an agreement with Lawrence's Rocky Comfort Records, so it appears that the entertainer of the year is about to find out who his friends are.

Submission + - 13 gigapixels panorama view of harlem

An anonymous reader writes: Artist Gerard Maynard and Alexandre Jenny have worked together to be able to stitch 2045 pictures into this 13 gigapixels panorama. It's the biggest digital panorama known for the moment.
The shooting was done from the roof of a building at 7th avenue and you have from there an overall view over harlem and New York. The website allows you to zoom into the picture to discover the city in a very unique way. Stitching such a number of picture required to use many advanced algorithms in picture analysis and correction. For example, even if the shooting was done in manual mode, lighting conditions have changed a lot over the 2 hours and 10 minutes of shooting.

Submission + - Google's Blogger output fails XHTML standards writes: "The headers generated by Google's Blogger web site assert it's output is complient with the "XHTML 1.0 Strict" document type definition. Well, John Walker tested it against that standard, and discovered even the simplest Blogger page fails with 73 errors. Walker comments:

...whatever standard you choose, you should be willing to be held to it, and in this case the blogging platform used by tens of millions of people falls flat on its face. Personally, I would be stone ashamed to ship something in this state. That Google, with what amounts to unlimited funds in our talent-constrained industry, plus the putatively smartest and certainly most smug technical staff, contents themselves with this is perhaps an indication that before expounding on issues of good and evil, one should first address the more mundane matter of competence.
The Almighty Buck

Hans Reiser to Sell Company 583

DVega writes "Due to increasing legal costs, murder suspect Hans Reiser is seeking to sell his company. His lawyer William DuBois said he is running out of money to pay for his defense. DuBois added, 'This is a unique opportunity for someone to buy the company for pennies on the dollar. We welcome all vultures.' This is a good opportunity to own a filesystem and rename it after your own."

Seventh Harry Potter Book Named 449

Croakyvoice writes "JK Rowling has today given fans of the Harry Potter books the name of Book 7 of the very popular series via a Christmas present on her site, to get to the name you need to follow a complicated procedure but thankfully the name of the book has been revealed as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."
Red Hat Software

Submission + - Red Hat Sales Surge

head_dunce writes: "Red Hat reported on it's third quarter earnings, and it did quite a bit better than expected even with the Oracle and SuSE/Microsoft new kids on the block.

From the conference call:
CFO Charlie Peters said that the company is "cautiously optimistic that competitive efforts by some of the largest technology companies in the world are actually expanding our opportunity."

Trip Chowdhry, managing director Global Equities Research, said Oracle has misread the market for open source software. "Oracle thinks Linux support is a cost issue; it isn't. It's a business issue."
So it looks like all these companies trying to be like Red Hat has only validated Linux in big business. And all it takes is one tech support call to Microsoft to understand the value of support. Congrats to Red Hat!"
Linux Business

Submission + - Samba creator quits Novell, picked up by google

bl8n8r writes: As many of you will guess, this is due to the Microsoft/Novell patent agreement, which I believe is a mistake and will be damaging to Novell's success in the future. But my main issue with this deal is I believe that even if it does not violate the letter of the licence it violates the intent of the GPL licence the Samba code is released under, which is to treat all recipients of the code equally. 81000710

Submission + - Rosie ODonnell defends herself with Wikipedia

An anonymous reader writes: Rosie O'Donnell cites Donald Trump wikipedia entry on her website as defense for her statements about Donald Trump. O'Donnell goes on to claim her affinity towards wikipedia "loving the wiki, i use it, do u." The question is: will her citation of wikipedia help her case or hurt it?

Submission + - Generate Flash movies on the fly with PHP

An anonymous reader writes: Rich Internet Applications is the new buzz-phrase for Web 2.0, and a key component of the substance behind Web 2.0 is Adobe Flash. Learn how to integrate Flash movies into your application and generate Flash movies dynamically using the Ming library. It's worth understanding Flash and what it can do to extend the reach and interactivity of a Web 2.0 PHP application.

Submission + - Mozilla Firefox Multiple Vulnerabilities

An anonymous reader writes: Whitedust are reporting on Multiple vulnerabilities in Mozilla Firefox, "which can be exploited by malicious people to gain knowledge of certain information, conduct cross-site scripting attacks, and potentially compromise a user's system." including "1)Various errors in the layout engine and JavaScript engine can be exploited to cause memory corruption and some may potentially allow execution of arbitrary code. 2) An error when reducing the CPU's floating point precision, which may happen on Windows when loading a plugin creating a Direct3D device, may cause the "js_dtoa()" function to not exit and instead cause a memory corruption." Bad day for Mozilla?

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