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Comment Re:Somewhat off-topic: why not uncut LED panels? (Score 2) 93

They would be too bright, and too expensive. Those 5mm LEDs (outdated crap) have LED dies of a less than 1/20th of a mm^2 inside.

High-end power LEDs that put out the equivalent of a 100W incan bulb are 2-4mm^2.

A disk the size of a traffic light would be able to draw 10000s of Amps, and be bright enough to illuminate a stadium (if you could drain the waste-heat away). Driving it with lower currents would be a collosal waste of dies.

So the wavers are cut into conveniently sized pices that have reasonable power draw and thermal conductivity and then later are put together according to the requirements.

Comment 25 year old technology (Score 1) 93

Not just the production way is low-tech, this type of LED is depricated for everything but the cheapest crap available.

Modern LEDs are basically all SMD, the high power ones typically mounted on a solid metal core PCB. And those are acutally manufactured in a more modern type of way.

Comment Re:volume (Score 1) 193

There isn't that much to gain from economy of scale, as those types of cells are already produced in 100s of millions per year. So we are realistically looking at something like halfing the price at most, not cutting it down by an order of magnitude or something.

Comment Re:It's time we own up to this one (Score 3, Informative) 149

I'd say more than just the "community". We have a great many companies that incorporate this software and generate billions from the sales of applications or services incorporating it, without returning anything to its maintenance.I think it's a sensible thing to ask Intuit, for example: "What did you pay to help maintain OpenSSL?". And then go down the list of companies.

Comment It's time we own up to this one (Score 4, Insightful) 149

OK guys. We've promoted Open Source for decades. We have to own up to our own problems.

This was a failure in the Open Source process. It is just as likely to happen to closed source software, and more likely to go unrevealed if it does, which is why we aren't already having our heads handed to us.

But we need to look at whether Open Source projects should be providing the world's security without any significant funding to do so.

Comment Re:Plan not grandfathered and minimum standard. (Score 1) 723

Jeff, I'm sorry that you're paying more. I'm envious that your state is implementing single-payer, though! California considers and rejects the bill every session, so far.

MVP itself is not-for-profit. Interesting that they think the pool in the two states they focus on is now that much more expensive. I can't imagine why.



Comment Re:It's California (Score 1) 723

To pick a nit, if you require medical attention after an auto accident, typically the at-fault driver's auto policy would need to cover that.

If they are so kind to stick around and your expenses do not exceed the limits.

Certainly such scams existed, but 30 seconds of googling can typically separate the good from the fraud.

The web helps. At the time, I was not able to see the plan until the salesman was present.

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