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Comment IOMMU (Score 4, Informative) 125

Yes, when I saw this I thought that this was a reason to make motherboard IOMMUs a security feature. Also, the DMA destination memory pages should not have the executable bit turned on. Recent generations of Intel/AMD CPUs have provided the ability to turn that bit off.

Comment Re:So it has come to this (Score 5, Insightful) 531

Are you asking for evidence of donation or of the ACLU doing far more good than the NRA? Both seem to be odd questions.

The NRA claims that protecting gun ownership protects civil rights by empowering the individual to defend themselves against the government (we'll ignore, for a moment that nothing could be further from the truth, and everyone in this nation, armed or not is a heartbeat away from a smart bomb at their breakfast table, or that you can be financially and socially ruined without ever having the opportunity to shoot back). Let's take the NRA's claim at face value and assume that they are 100% correct.

They still only defend the status quo. Having a gun doesn't undo the erosion of rights due to the corrosive influence of the re-election cycle in Washington. The ACLU seeks to actively move the line of civil rights back to where it started, and hopefully even a bit further through the courts and activism.

Now, the ACLU and the NRA happen to disagree over the interpretation of the 2nd amendment (FWIW, I think that was the stupidest call the ACLU ever made) but even when they disagree they're still nominally working toward the same goal (the ACLU isn't trying to prop up the gun industry, but I'm talking about implied goals, here), so it's pretty easy to judge which of them objectively makes the most progress...

Comment Re:Conspiracy theory: Bitcoin crash of April 2013 (Score 1) 367

If the US wanted bitcoin gone, they could have done so.

There exists something called an "51% attack", which means that anybody having more than half the hashrate of the Network is acknowledged as the boss and can do as he wants (stuff like spending the same bitcoin multiple times, manipulate the difficulty of future block mining, etc).

Back in April, before mass ASICS, the US could have trivially gotten that far. Hell, last year anybody willing to spend 5-10 million could have done it with off-the-counter hardware.

For an agencies who have a double digit BILLION black budgets, this is totally peanuts.

Comment Re:Those magnets sure were fun (Score 1) 555

I don't think its disturbing to be able to buy them "so easily".

I mean, seriously. You need a credit card or paypal to buy from them, so you are no infant in the "I eat metal stuff" phase.

And secondly, you have dozens of way more deadly things in your appartment at any time, anyway.

Comment Where is it practical? (Score 1) 127

But it does not allow rockets to reenter the Earth's atmosphere at orbital velocities, slow down, and land.

How about the Moon and Mars? It seems to me that the fuel capacity of Dragon isn't enough to do both lunar descent and ascent just on the Super Draco thrusters and the trunk's fuel capacity.

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