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Comment Re:Something It Isn't (Score 1) 775

No. My problem is that it is wearable recording device.

I LOVE the idea of augemented reality. But google glass turnes the whole direction around: Instead of getting information TO the user, it is designed to collect as much information as possible for google.

In the same direction, if somebody using google glass looks at you, that doesn't mean that he might find your facebook and GET info about you - instead he is actively taking part on tracking your movements and reporting them back to google.

Comment Re:I actually believe Rossi (Score 1) 426


They didn't unplug the power supply when it was running.

Nobody watched it getting set up.

They used a clamp ampmeter that can only detect AC current, which means they could have had ARBITRARY DC heating current through the element that doesn't show up.

And those scientist watching? They weren't allowed to touch anything because "its secret".

Comment Not really the best practice (Score 5, Informative) 155

Rather than an encryption gateway, having your email client handle encryption avoids the problem of man-in-the-middle attacks between the gateway and the client.

I don't have much reason to encrypt, but Thunderbird has my certificate installed and does my digital signing. This is not unusual for a modern email client.

Comment An interesting point all comments have overlooked. (Score 2) 67


I found it very interesting that he found the display to dim to see anything when looking out of the windshield.

No preview has mentioned this up to now, and I think thats an interesting issue. If you cannot even see the turn by turn display of google maps in daylight, how will the other usability be?

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