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Comment Re:Banninate it. (Score 1) 206

Look, I'm tired of speeding being the most enforced rule on the road. From what I experienced, speeders are focused on their driving, and less likely to put others around them to sleep. Yet, I never seen cops pull over people for failure to use turn signals or any other offense.

That's true. Speeders are, usually, drivers who pay lots of attention to what they are doing. However, IF they do something wrong, it will be WAY worst. Anyway, speed tickets are a lazy and inefficient way of making roads safer.


Submission + - CloudFlare Makes IPv6 Websites Easy (thenextweb.com)

EastDakota writes: Everyone on Slashdot knows we're running out of IPv4 addresses, but no one is doing anything about it. That's because migrating to IPv6 requires the major investment in new and installation headache of new hardware. CloudFlare announced something different: an IPv6 to IPv4 gateway that is provisioned through DNS. The company, which already provides a free global CDN, is giving the IPv6 gateway away for free to any of its users. Will this be enough for you to get your website running on IPv6?

Submission + - Firefox 7 Is Faster And Uses Less Memory (tekgoblin.com)

tekgoblin writes: "Mozilla has released Firefox 7 the next version of their popular web browser. This new version of Firefox is supposed to see as much as a 50% reduction in memory use from its previous versions. This is good news for me as I use multiple tabs and can see Firefox using up to 1GB of memory sometimes."

Submission + - The Isolation of Academia and the Private Sector

plopez writes: "The ask Slashdot
recent posting "Ask Slashdot: Successful software from academia" asked a good question but I think also missed a larger issue.

The programming I have seen in Academia has been poor, probably worse than the private sector. OOP seems to be unheard of and is often taught by those who only heard of it a few weeks before they were required to teach the class. Ditto with Design Patterns, UML, unit testing, Agile Development, and the hard lessons from private sector death marches. The Application Developers in Academia are often poorly taught and undisciplines, more so than what I have seen in the private sector.

In addition outside of a few areas such as games, databases, and graphics; learning from Academia often doesn't make it into the mainstream. E.g. algorithm analysis should be a basic given for any working programmer, I know I did it when working as a programmer. But when I tried to explain why a bubble sort was a bad idea I was often met with blank stares. Or why using a DOM XML parser on large data sets instead of a SAX based parser was a bad idea. Or how to hack a SAX parser when needed, which involves tree searches and push-down stacks. Both push-down stacks and tree searches should be Sophomore level programming and in every programmers toolbox, even if only to assess whether a library based on these principles is a reasonable solution. Or self-referential programming, which is often skirting on the edges of AI (and in fact what some Design Patterns may be approaching). Another cool thing coming from Academia but yet seemingly unheard of is time-oriented databases (see Snodgrass who works at the University of Arizona if you are interested, there are some bizarre things that can happen if time is mishandled in databases).

The upshot is that Academia and the rest of the world seem to be isolated from each other. There is a wealth of experience in the private sector that doesn't seem to make it into Academia and vice versa. If I am wrong please correct me. And if you have ideas how to fix the problem please share them."

Comment Re:Flash will continue to torture us (Score 2) 110

That kind of thinking is what will kill Internet as we know it. . Web 'developers' (yes, with ' ') are the kind of people that turned the internet something really different from TV, Radio and other kind of media that only a few people could use. . 'correct code' usually means a code that just a professional could write. And that's not the kind of Internet I want.

Comment model of management and commitment (Score 1) 138

So, again, the problem isn't the nuclear technology itself, but the lack of commitment and the problem with the model of management. And the question that I make to myself about nuclear reactors is: Is possible a good enough level of commitment and a almost perfect model of management (state managing have problems, corporations have other problems too. so...)?

Comment Just a strategy (Score 3, Interesting) 292

I think they will just reboot everything. It will probably fail - and they already know it. But when fails, all the old fans will look at the old timeline with nostalgy, raising the value of the old storyline. Then they will come back to what works and sells. Selling more, of course.

Submission + - Xubuntu 11.04 Review (desktoplinuxreviews.com)

JimLynch writes: "In one of my last reviews I covered Linux Mint 201104 Xfce, a distribution featuring the Xfce desktop environment that is based on Debian Testing. Linux Mint 201104 is a rolling release distro. Rolling release distros are great for some folks but not so great for others. In this review I cover Xubuntu 11.04, an Ubuntu derivative that also features the Xfce environment. Xubuntu 11.04 is not a rolling release distro though; it follows the same release pattern as Ubuntu and the rest of its official derivatives.

Xubuntu is not as popular as its big brother, Ubuntu, but it has its own charms. It’s ideally suited for those who are looking for a slimmer alternative to Ubuntu itself but who also want to stay within the Ubuntu family of distros."

Comment It's not as bad as looks like (Score 3, Interesting) 337

For me, Bill Gates is the symbol of the junk-microsoft: DOS, windows 3.1; 95; 98; Me. As far as I see the history of Microsoft, since Gates left the CEO chair, things are slightly better. And, finally, the problem isn't Ballmer, but the fact that a company can't be the only big player in the entire sector forever.

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