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Comment Re:Doesn't look like they got all of them. (Score 1) 605

They threw the dirty water out with the baby, a common knee jerk reaction in such cases - they need time to sort it out, so cut'em some slack! I'll bet you all of the sites that were taken down will come back up, minus the libelous content.

You don't want me claiming you're a transsexual on my website, do you, along with other content protecting the rights of transsexuals (unless of course, you are..)?

Comment Re:Did the Gun Help? (Score 1) 458

So what action besides writing about something that you care about have you taken about the Rwandan genocide once u found out about it and what action will you take now that McBride is gone, to, presumably, prevent future McBrides from repeating?

I am not being facetious or mocking - but when someone says they care, which is a word that describes empathic feelings, I find that people do not do much past just saying "I care...". Eg I care to see Obama's healthcare reform get passed. Thus I call those iwe voted in office who can actually do something about the bill's passage, as well as donated 50 to OFA.

I love to see people care but what really moves me is when one does a bit more than just expressing their views on a board where the impact is minimal to nonexistent.

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