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Comment That's what some RAID levels _could_ be for (Score 1) 321

A two-disk RAID1, or a RAID5, theoretically ought to be able to detect when there's corruption, but shouldn't be able to correct it. If you've got two different data values, you don't know which one is right.

But it occurs to me: RAID6 (or three-or-more disk RAID1) really ought to be able to correct. Imagine a three-disk RAID1: if two disks say a byte is 03 and one disk says 02, then 03 is probably right. RAID6, similarly, has enough information to be able to do the kinds of repairs that you could do with par2.

It'd be cool to find out this is already in the kernel's md device. Probably not so yet, though. ?

Comment Re:this is exactly why commits must be code review (Score 1) 178

His point is that there is an extra problem here, beyond the DRM issue. Even if we didn't have evil laws intended to work against the people and their industries, imagine if the unreviewed contribution did rm -rf ~/* rather than playing video. Time spent on code review is not "wasted," regardless of whatever silly laws you have.

Comment Re:"effective technological measure" (Score 1, Interesting) 178

No. Obviously German courts are free from US precedent and could theoretically use a layman's definition of "effective" but it's likely that the US lobbyists who wrote the German law, had their shit together and knew how German courts would interpret that word.

In the US, we had the matter of "effective"'s meaning settled way back in the DeCSS case. It doesn't mean what you think it means. It means what they want it to mean, and judges have agreed. That battle is over (or at least until people start taking an interest in their governments and bother to vote against Republicrats).

Don't ever buy (or subscribe to) DRMed content or things that are nearly dedicated to working with DRMed content. Every dollar you spend on DRM, will have a large fraction used to keep the government corrupt, and keep laws like DMCA from being repealed. If you know someone who is thinking of buying a Blu-Ray player or an Xbox or an iPhone or a Roku in the next couple weeks, try to talk 'em out of it.

Comment Re:Freedom of thought (Score 1) 392

While I'll agree with respect to civil rights, I think we've gone the other direction with the implementation of "hate crimes". Freedom of speech has reversed directions in recent years as well with limitations put in place due to political correctness. The fourth has been under attack. And, when was the last time someone actually had a speedy trial? The federal government has certainly been pushing aside the tenth amendment.

I won't get into a debate on the values of all of those, but I would say that civil rights is one (maybe the only) area where I'd agree with your original comment.

Comment Re:When you have a bad driver ... (Score 1) 961

I don't know. The brief search I did only came up with ABS for motorcycles which started out around 11kg, but are down significantly. One site ( indicated that stability control systems weigh about 4 kilos. or only 1 if you already have ABS (due to share components).

So, this is all fine and dandy, weight-wise, as long as you require everyone to have them. And you don't mind the add...
According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) research, ABS in 2005 cost an estimated US$368; ESC cost a further US$111.

Comment Re:How safe is it driven within the law? (Score 1) 961

Not as simple as you might think. This one has a ~$5k ceramic clutch that is the most touchy of any vehicle I've driven in my 40 yrs of enthusiastic driving (I'm 55). The first time my uncle let me at it, I stalled several times, and tried exactly what you mentioned with no help. It took some getting used to, and I've driven sticks since the age of 15.

Comment Re:Porsche should be sued (Score 1) 961

Sigh. This is what's wrong with our litigious nation. People want others to pay for their own idiocy. Can we please start taking responsibility for our own fuck ups? Let's make it so that nobody can purchase one of these because there are safer alternatives.

Please don't ever eat with a knife and fork, you might injure yourself.. You know there's safer, more reasonable alternatives.

This accident isn't about a flawed vehicle, it's about driving on a public road at unsafe speeds, as evidenced by the police stating that speed was a factor. Until you have direct evidence to the contrary, your suggestion is simply naive.

Comment Re:When you have a bad driver ... (Score 1) 961

Just like anything else with massive power, you need training, and the proper environment to utilize it. Street racing is not the proper environment as evidenced by this tragedy. Just like you shouldn't buy your 16 yr old son a 300 HP sports car, people with no experience in true sports cars need to respect them. My uncle owns one of these, and I've had the opportunity to drive it. Don't do triple digits on public roads, or take corners at speeds you're not used to, and it's not likely to bit you in the ass.

Comment Re:I've Driven One (Score 1) 961

Depends upon which "expert" you're referring to. The only one I saw that I'll flat out disagree with was:
Todd Trimble, an exotic car mechanic in Las Vegas, said the Carrera GT is a "very hard car to drive."
Is he even an expert? Fixing them is not driving them.

I'll agree with the Car and Driver editor quote.
"This was not a car for novices,"

I wouldn't expect someone with a new drivers license to understand or respect the power of a vehicle like this. I stated earlier that "Driven under normal conditions...", but I highly doubt (given the photo of the accident), that this incident was brought on under normal driving conditions, or anywhere near legal speed limits.

Comment I've Driven One (Score 3, Interesting) 961

Driven under normal conditions, other than the extremely touchy clutch at launch, there's nothing difficult or dangerous about it. The vehicle belongs to my uncle, and in the proper settings is a blast to drive. But, you have to know that when someone hands you the keys to 600hp, and more torque than anyone rationally needs, you have to respect it. My daily drive is a 470hp Charger SRT8, but even with that, I was amazed what a kick in the pants the Porsche is.

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