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Comment Re:Use Google Web Toolkit (Score 1) 221 clearly think you know it all - and every web problem can be solved by resorting to Javascript.

Once again with your overly general comments, and in this case I can't fathom what you mean by "every web problem." JavaScript is a language that the browsers use, and it's quite possible to understand it well enough to handle a website of any complexity.

One day when you get to architect or manage big projects requiring large teams of developers you will certainly see the world differently. Good luck with your career.

So I guess currently being in charge of Configuration Management and Development Workflow for the upcoming store launches of Toy'R'Us, Timberland, RadioShack and other GSI Commerce clients doesn't count? We're using Java on the back-end, and it's sufficient, but hardly necessary on the client-side with a well experienced team of developers. The 4 years experience I mentioned was of a very specific scope.

Comment Re:Use Google Web Toolkit (Score 2) 221

I haven't posted in a while, but this is wrong on so many levels. Let's start:

...basically GWT is to the Web what the Java Virtual machine is to hardware...

I guess maybe on some strange high level of abstraction this might be metaphorically applicable, but in reality it's completely wrong. I think you meant "GWT is to the browser," but still nope. write GWT in Java, which you already know and are using on your back-end Enterprise cluster.

Wow. What a strangely strong assumption. I think what you said just before this is key, " just don't have to care about it." Guess when you have a hammer everything really does look like a nail. Java isn't the only solution available, and definitely not the best for everything (or nearly anything imho).

...if you are writing a significant part of your AJAX web application at the level of HTML5 and ECMAScript then you are doing the Web-equiavalent of writing assembly code...

Every time I read this my stomach turns over. First, did you overhear ECMAScript mentioned by a co-worker? It's the freakin' standard. Browsers use JavaScript, a specific ECMAScript implementation. That's like saying you know how to run your POSIX Operating System. Also, GWT does not compile from a complex language to a simple language, it compiles a complex language to an equally complex language (though for different reasons). People who can't program a complex website without the use of their beloved OOP is because they are unable to adapt to the web development workflow.

I've been doing this for 4 years and have helped launch significantly complex websites. None of these have needed an overly complex layer of gooey fluff to help complete a well designed product. GWT is nice for Java developers who don't know how to do web development, but never say that GWT can replace a well skilled web developer.

Comment Re:I dont want to drag anything. (Score 1) 797

In all honesty, the movement of your hand to the mouse from the home row is a lot more strenuous then dragging the mouse 6 more inches once it's reached it. I can't remember the last time I used any of the minimize, maximize or close buttons on the UI. One of the first features I geeked out about when I started to use Ubuntu was that all the keyboard shortcuts were customizable, and the first thing I did was to make it simple to move, resize, minimize, maximize or move to another workspace from the home row. Now I just feel bad for all you mouse hugging wussies. I can rearrange a couple dozen windows over my 8 workspaces in a matter of seconds. Love to see someone do the same by dragging everything around.

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