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Comment Funding (Score 1) 249

The Lawrence Lessig interview on "The Daily Show" points to the heart of the current problem with all of our representatives in government. Until we fund our representatives differently they are going to beholden to special interests.


Comment We're stuck with it now... (Score 1) 1799

The repeal of Glass-Steagall in 1999 opened the door for banks to start partying with everyone's money. The case of Citizens United in 2010 then gave these same banks the ability to throw any amount of money they want into lobbying to protect themselves from ever having Glass-Steagall coming back. Until these two items are reversed the 99% aren't going to be able to accomplish. Unless they find a way incorporate themselves into one force able to fight back the massive lobbying tide that has been built against them. But good luck with that.

Comment The telephone pole of our generation (Score 1) 211

No one needed a phone originally, and it was cost prohibitive to get those phone lines out into rural america as well. Then the government stepped in with these subsidies and initiatives to get everyone a phone. Now it's time to replace all those phone lines with fiber lines. Telco and ISP industries are already merging together thanks to VOIP let's just finish the process and mandate a project to officially merge the infrastructure. It might even add a job or two if we're lucky.

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