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Comment Re:So they need to do actual police work? (Score 1) 626

6 attacks and both have airtight alibis?

They both don't need airtight alibis - if one of them as an airtight alibi, then both can use it, since they're identical....

Not really. Identical twins may be identical to strangers, but close friends and family can easily distinguish the two.

Comment Re:I can say, after having upgraded to mountain li (Score 1) 213

Safari uses webkit, and testing in chromium will usually suffice (I haven't come across safari-specific issues that can't be reproduced in chromium either).

And, yeah, sure, one of my development laptops has 1GiB RAM, another is a PowerPC. I can't even run a windoze VM there. I wouldn't do it if I could either.

Comment Re:What happens when the machine dies? (Score 1) 464

What a humorous example! I've run into numerous stereos that have an antitheft feature where it requires a code after losing power. Some dealerships will provide the code for free, most won't. The real bad ones demand that you bring the car in for service and pay an hour of labor. Sometimes the code was provided to the original owner of the car, sometimes not. Good luck finding it, you're not supposed to keep it in the car.

Is sounds to me that you should demand this code when you buy your car, and go to the next dealer if they'll deny it.

Comment Re:Advertisements even after paying yearly! (Score 1) 245

Wow, bet you haven't ever paid for a magazine then, or a newspaper, or how about cable television? The ads are allowing big companies to subsidize your gold subscription. You're welcome.

Cable TV used to be ad-free, that's what the original idea was. Plenty of newspapers are free, and those with a cost are dirt cheap.

Comment Re:MS Office mewlers and shills, queue here! (Score 1) 249

Sadly, they departed too much from their OpenOffice origins.

As a former OO user (who never really used MSO), I find LO very alienating. There are some stupid features that annoy me to a point where it becomes unusable.

Here's a really stupid, but extremely annoying example:
OO opened ".pps" files in impress, so I could quickly view attachments from my email client and quickly scroll through them.
LO attempts to imitate MSO by opening them only in a fullscreenviewer, with transitions and music (which I'd rather avoid). There is no way to go back to the OO behaviour. The path is now:
1) save file to RW disk.
2) rename file
3) open renamed file.

The worst part isn't the change in default, but the fact that there is no option to go back to OO behaviours. Sure, MSO users feel more at home, but OO users feel they're using some new, wierd office suite they don't quite understand.

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