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Comment Re:An illegal war? (Score 1) 330

Our own military brass has spoken publicly about how state sponsored hacking might constitute an act of war and could result in a Kenetic response. In that context the NSA has endangered our nation by potentially starting an unauthorized war with USA. When will these dangerous criminals be controlled.


Comment Re:Never understood the purpose of Windows RT (Score 1) 251

It comes with Office, so it's a business computer that can also play the tablet game, right?

Except that there's no Outlook. Try getting business done without that.

I've been doing business without having used Outlook in all my life. And I know plenty of others.

And you can't join a domain. That goes hand-in-hand with the above.

Why? There's email without domains. Plenty of businessmen use google apps, or other alternatives for their stuff.

Comment Re:Can we finally replace Cisco now? (Score 1) 67

Knowing Cisco and knowing networking are completely different things.

I've known a few Electrical Engineers whom I've asked about tecnical information on IPv6 routing. They insisted I didn't need to know that much (I was building my own routing box), that if I used cisco just enabling a checkbox would help me do what I wanted, there was no point in doing thing myself.

Of course, all of them cisco certified.

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