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Comment Re:Jolla Sailfish perhaps (Score 1) 303

Indeed, Jolla is the direct succesor of the N9, which is somewhat of a succesor to the N900. I belive it's the closest choice in terms of software stack and openness. I also wouldn't be surprised if we see a keyboard back-lid for Jolla in future (with all the exchangable lids, and functionality they can have).

Comment Re:Sure... when Unity3d makes a Linux editor... (Score 1) 145

Game devs that want to target Linux will keep wanting to dev on _____.
Linux devs who want to start doing games, will keep wanting to develop on Linux.

Also don't forget the devs that "hate windows but use it because the SDK only works there". Those would fall into group two. Granted, it's not all the developers out there, but certainly a pretty large proportion of the total.

Comment Re:The Solution is Obvious (Score 1) 829

They wouldn't go out of business. They'd just shrink to their natural size.
Supose 100millon webcams get sold per year due to non-funciononness on new OSs. If they wrote drivers for new OSs as they come out, they'd probably sell way way less (10M?). But that's the size a that company should have, artificially inflating it with programed obsolecense is a waste of resources for humanity as a whole.

Comment Re: Graphics Cards (Score 1) 211

You say that until the driver that supports your card stops supporting the latest kernel, and you can't recompile it. Nor can anybody. You're just screwed. It's happened plenty of times, and will keep on hapening.

Also, open source and performant are not mutually exclusive (Intel Linux drivers).

Comment Re:The Solution is Obvious (Score 1) 829

Of those reasons, I'm betting #1 is 'No driver support for half the hardware in the system.'

Who wrote the initial drivers? Microsoft or third parties? If third parties, are they still around? If so, why aren't they supporting Win7?

Because that's not profitable. If company X writes windows 7 for old hardware, they can't sell you new hardware as easily.
Mind you, I don't approve of this, I'm merely explaining their rationale.

Does Linux support that hardware?

I have tons of equipment that's better than crap being produced today, but drivers for it don't exist past XP.

Someone wrote the driver for linux, most likely (a) for free, because he needed it, or (b) payed by the company. However, since the linux kernel is far more stable (in terms of API) than windows, the driver just kept on working until today. I've got a webcam that supported up to windows 98. Yes, 98. It works fine on Linux.

Fine, just don't connect your machine to the Internet and put others' at risk.

Microsoft's big "problem" is "free updates". They should have a yearly subscription fee and that should increase as the OS gets older at some predictable rate. That's how to properly price ration an old OS's updates. They simply can't be expected to support XP forever, for free.

On the other hand, they thrive on piracy, so I understand why they have this arrangement.

Morality aside, and thinking just about money: yes, a yearly subscription is what's best for them. I think that's their goal as of Windows 8.1. Buy yearly payments and upgrades would not haved worked 10-15 years ago.

Comment Re:Wine is working on that (Score 1) 145

My Dad recently moved to Linux. He uses a windows VM to use tax-related software. It's either that, or not being able to submit tax-related-data, which would mean, "Go to jail. Do not pass go."

If wine was as easy-to-use and newbie friendly as expected, that's one less windows machine (abeit, a VM) the world would have.

Sure, he used a VM. But most non-tech people wouldn't do that. They'd want that exe to run, or go back to windows, and that's the end of it.

Comment Re:Subject (Score 1) 262

Water is cheap too. Should I just leave the tap running all day long?

Yes, memory is cheap, but that philosphy of not-caring because it's cheap is what has lead to incredibly bloated programas nowadays. What huge features does MSO 2010 have, that justify the over 10x space and memory used in comparison to MSO '95? Prettier looking, a few extra features. But that's essentialy it. A that's just a normal, random example too.

Comment Re:Sure... when Unity3d makes a Linux editor... (Score 1) 145

Where would you develop for Linux if not on Linux? It's a desktop OS, already very oriented towards developers.

As a Linux user and dev, I seriously don't know how to develop on any other platform. I'm interested in game development as a hobby, but if I had to deal with windows, I'd simply never do it. It's just too much hastle for me.

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