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Comment Re:Females? (Score 1) 173

Depends on the country. I've noticed that in CA, almost every programmer had a degree (and many had a second degree - eg: a masters).
Meanwhile, in Argentina, most programmers don't have a degree, but have a lot more programming experience. This is, in part, because they start working as junior programmers during first year of university, and accumulate more years of experience by the time they're 23). Experience matters a lot more than a degree for the average programmer job too.
A great deal of those drop university because they realize they don't really need the degree and don't have the time for it.

Comment Married? (Score 1) 173

Of all the places I've worked at, I think a total of 5% was married. In several jobs all of my co-workers were single (regardless of age). And the max amount of children I've seen any other developer have, is ONE.

Have I been working in extremely unusual places this last decade, or is this survey way off?

Comment Re:X logo? (Score 1) 64

As I said, I've had no issues gaming with Intel HD 5000. Multi-monitor gaming is something I've yet to come across, so I can't vouch for that. There's no issue using Hi-DPI with Intel video at all, an HD 5000 support 3200x2000. Dunno about gaming no those resolutions though.

Comment Re:There's hope yet (Score 1) 165

Because Ubuntu has no real reason to develop Mir, and it's a huge waste of resources.
Most of the *nix world is backing up Wayland as a replacement for X, and Cannonical, with no actual justification, went it's own way to develop Mir. This means porting things like gtk, qt, etc, etc over to Mir. It also means that porting software to/from Ubuntu is now a bit more complicated.

While there are thing where you benefit from variety (ie: music player, paint app), some things just add overhead, with no actual benefit for those who pick either X or Y.

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