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Comment Re:StartSSL (Score 1) 320

So the browser on server is keeping you from upgrading your SSL stack? Why on earth would you use a browser on a server? If you REALLY must, why not just pick another browser; if you're (for some reason) using a browser on a server, you might as well download another, it's not like you're computer-illiterate.

Comment Re:FB2K FTW (Score 2) 400

VLC's terrible for music. Ever noticed the pitch bending?


Bad playlist controls?

Not everybody uses this, you know. Anyway, What's wrong with the controls?

Long initialization times?

Are you MAD?
I get 25ms initialization time (13ms userspace). What sort of hardware are you using?

Lack of seamless transition?

Care to elaborate? I've had no isues on this terrain either.

The only thing that VLC lacks is media library. And that's why I use mocp when I intend to open more than 2 or 3 files. But that's just about it.

Comment Re:StartSSL (Score 1) 320

There's already plenty of SNI websites out these; your clients are already having issues visiting some sites out there, and the amout of sites will only grow and grow as XP is reaching it's EOL.

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