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Comment Re:Probably wanted to drop pre-WDDM (Score 1) 251

And your age determination is "senseful"? A customer who bought something yesterday should be deprived of support in a year[...]

Yes, he'll be deprived of the support he knew he wouldn't get when he purchased the software and accepted the terms. Nobody forced him to buy it, and even after that he had a chance to return it to the retailed if he didn't accept the terms.

Anyway, you didn't understand the car example either. The car was manufactured 2 years ago and sold to me. It's first identical piece was sold 5 years ago. But in the 3 years in between when it was not yet manufactured, the car got worn and degraded? Talk some sense.

You're saying that is I install an OS I purchased 10 years ago, it will not be the same quality as it was 10 years ago?
Sure, it doesn't have the same features as modern OSs, but it's 100% IDENTICAL to an installation made 10 years ago. There is no difference at all.

Comment Re:Solution in extensions (Score 1) 778

Maybe it's time screen readers caught up.
If lots of text was added to a page, why can't it be read? The screen reader should deal with the browser's DOM, not the HTML.

Sure, there's plenty of sites that do stupid things (like creating a canvas with vectors to render pretty fonts), but let's not shift all the blame to JS devs/apps, screen readers need to stay current as well.

Comment Re:Probably wanted to drop pre-WDDM (Score 1) 251

It's sensless to compare software and cars age-wise.

Cars get degraded as the years pass. Software is identical, it's not worn of or anything like that.
If you assume that cars have no sort of degradatino with time just like cars, then the manufacturing date is irrelevant, since all that share the same design are identical.

Comment Re:Irrelevant news for nerds (Score 1) 251

I live in Argentina, and the AFIP (our version of the IRS) has lots of web systems that only run on IE6. YES, IE6 is they only browser they officially support.
Hence, anyone that's self-empoyed and need to constaltly be doing taxes has an XP VM somewhere around.
This includes any freelance developer, quite a nerd, IMO.

And I'm pretty sure plenty of other non-firstworld countries have similar issues.

Comment How cares? (Score 1) 251

Honestly, users who are still using windows XP [quite clearly] don't care about getting software updates, why would they care?

Even thought this sounds like flaimbait/troll, I'm being pretty much sincere. Someone who's using an unsupported, 12 year-old OS doesn't seem to be the type of person constantly updating their driver anyway.

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