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Comment Re:Not working well? Do it EVEN MORE! (Score 1) 58

One of my banks has "eight digit, numbers only, cannot repeat numbers", and each time I change it, it no digits must me replaced in the same place as the last password. No three digits must be consecutive numbers, or consecutive in reverse order. Amongst other conditions.

Generating a rememerable password is extremely hard. Even random numbers are of little use, since they tend to be rejected as well.

This results in me having to use keepassx (instead of MY BRAIN) to store my passwords.

Meanwhile, I can easily remember passwords for sites with free-form strings as password. I can even use unique ones everywhere. It would also take several centuries to brute force any of those.

Comment Re:BYOD means I/T loses some control over it (Score 1) 377

When you BYOD onto my network, we control it, we can wipe it, we can install and uninstall apps and if you dont agree to our terms, dont bother complaining that you cant BYOD. BYOD is not open slather, if you want to bring your own device, fine, we welcome that but you will be registering it with our MDM (Mobile Device Management) system before you're even so much as able to put mail on there, that means our policies get enforced on your device (and your administrative privileges for that device get taken away). Sorry, but this part isn't negotiable.

BYOD isn't a priviledge. I'm actually putting additional resources onto my job to do it more efficiently. Why do I also have to give YOU control over it?

I use my personal PC for work. If my boss want access to wipe it, install stuff etc, my answer would be "No. I own it. If you want control over it, give me one payed by yourself. I want to do whatever I want on it on non-work time. Also, don't expect me to ever carry it with me the moment I leave the office."

Comment Re:BYOD means I/T loses some control over it (Score 1) 377

Maybe you should improve your licensing options or choose better products with less licensing. Throwing out high quality people because a 3rd party company bullies you is not really great business practice.

Yeah, really high quality employees which were illegaly redistributing copyrighted works inside a corporate enviroment!

Comment Re:BYOD means I/T loses some control over it (Score 1) 377

I agree. Even before the age of the internet, users had the change of bringing in a floppy with Monkey Island on it, buy nobody did that because they know they'd get fired for fooling around in work time. The same needs to apply to modern internet usage: you don't restrict it, but make sure people aren't slacking off all day long.

Comment Re:BYOD means I/T loses some control over it (Score 1) 377

BYOD is not just about someone saving money. It's about people expecting to have their devices work and IT in organizations being too slow or not having enough funding to give everybody their device of choice.

I've found BYOD is actually a big PITA for large organisations because the devices people are bringing are almost universally Android or iOS, and in both cases the OS and apps have terrible support for HTTP proxies; and many large organisations use proxies to control web access from within their networks.

If users bring their own devices, and those have OSs that don't even support HTTP proxies, then that's the users' problem.
You can't have a BYOD policy and then have to deal with devices that have network support that looks like it's 2001.
What's next "my device doesn't support TCP/IP"?

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