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Comment Re:Superlatives are superlative! (Score 1) 104

Also, the guy at Jolla have a slightly better history on open tecnologies and alike - AFAIK, they tend to reuse a lot of technologies, instead of suffering from NotInventedHere sindrome. Interoperability looks pretty promising too.

I also think they may have taken some (potential) customers from Ubuntu Edge, since their goals overlap a bit, and Jolla opened up pre-ordering first.

Comment Re:And this is impressive why? (Score 1) 114

Well, as I said, with OpenID the providers knows exactly what sites you logged in to, while with Persona they just sign a certificate your browser gives them, vouching for your identity, without getting the site.

If you care about privacy, you can host your own OpenID provider, otherwise, just use one you trust. What's the issue there?

In terms of UI, Persona uses email addresses instead of URLs, which are easier for non-techies to grasp as an authentication identifier.

Why are they easier? People type URLs every day, what's so hard about them?

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