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Comment Re:Easy one... (Score 1) 558

Because Linux doesn't have the same resources behind it as Windows does.
Also, windows' sound support is about a decade behind linux (can't select an output for each program? WTF?).

Anyway, I never said it was simple, I merely stated that "wide hardware support" is a fallacy; it support on architecture, while Linux and BSD support about a dozen each.

Comment Re:What an absurd headline (Score 1) 558

Driver optimizations

Linux supports a great deal more hardware, and has bettery battery life.


You're free to perform a clean install, and most power users will. That doesn't change things much


Hardware acceleration means less power usage.

Unusually low-power hardware

Every MBA hardware component is available in other vendors' notebooks. Also, Windows has worse battery life on a Macbook, while linux has only-slightly-worse, so again, the hardware is not to blame.

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