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Comment Re:DuckDuckGo sucks (Score 1) 264

Actually, it's not 100% wikipedia. It displays smart information on top.
I remember searching for an apache httpd configuration directive last week, and DDG showed a snippet of the documentation on top. It was exactly what I was looking for. It's slightly smart, and rather helpful in general.

Personally, I use DDG as my primary search engine. But when I need to look for very specific issues (why is my commanlink not working with X and Y in JSF), I find that google gives better results. Google still works better if you have lots of keywords or long sentances, but otherwise DDG is enough.

Comment Re:Well that explains why the killed google Reader (Score 1) 90

Dropping standards based technologies in favor of tightly integrated proprietary services seems to be popular lately, so I guess this is not surprising.

Not really. It's been popular with companies that have enough users to lock them in for at least 15 years.
It's just a matter of google not having enough users to do it before 2013. To vendor-lockin, you need a nice market share first.

Comment Re:Free but only partially useful solution (Score 1) 253

That's a good point. If setup as a cron job though, it'd still execute as soon as the login screen is reached. The thief might not be able to get in, but the IP would have already been sent to the remote host. The lack of effective encryption would indeed suck, however.

Full disk encryption means your login screen won't be reached until way after the disk encryption password is entered.
Also, without logging in, the laptop won't connect to any wireless network (don't expect the thief to have an open network around).

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