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Comment Re:Thunderbird reads Gmail just fine . . . (Score 1) 435

1) The \Recent flag is used by plenty of mail clients.
2) Substring searches are used for, uhm, searches.
3) Sieve equals filters. Plenty of users out there use filters. If you say "you can create them from the gmail interface", then you're only proving that third party clients aren't compatible.
4) The \Answered flag is pretty hand since most clients will properly detonate when a mail has been replied to (or not). The tag being lost is pretty bad, since it will just confuse the user.

Comment Re:What? (Score 5, Insightful) 435

I don't understand the problem either. Gmail works fine with any IMAP client I care to configure. IMAP itself has some weirdness around how clients interact with various folders, but that's not Gmail's fault.

Yes they are, they decided to implement their IMAP support in a non-standard way.
Also, plenty of other issues ARE their fault.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 435

I've never used activesync in my life, and yet have not had issues with my email providers. Maybe iOS needs IMAP support? You know, the standard protocol that almost everybody supports (I'm sure there are exceptions).

Also, Contacts != Mail.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 435

- Their IMAP support is broken (as they themselves have documented; you can google that).
  - If you use the webmail view, and real IMAP folders, you'll end up with a mess on both sides.
  - There's no way to manage filters from a third party cliente (eg: via Sieve).

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