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Comment Re:Nope. (Score 1) 166

I can still play Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, from 1994, or StarCraft, from 1998. And Blizzard never had the power to change that, nor will they ever.
Can I be sure I'll be able to play Diablo III in 20 years? No. It all depends on me trusting a company that has burnt franchises* to the ground for the same or more income.

* Yes, Blizzards franchises have huge amounts of fans, by "burnt to the ground", I mean they died in spirit, and were replaces with games that carry no more that the title of Blizzard's former franchises. Sure, WoW sells a lot, but it's pretty damn obvious that it's not even remotely close to keeping the spirit (gameplay, machanics, storyline, etc) of Warcraft 1/2/3.

Comment Re:Why are they posting old source code? (Score 1) 224

What would be nice is if they put out the Win95 or Win98 source code as there is a ton of games that played on win9x that really didn't run anywhere else.

Try wine. Not every single game out there works, but windows-9x games have higher chances of running on wine that they do on windows 7.

Comment Re:Perfect (Score 1) 184

An inventory manager might send someone an excel sheet of inventory that is missing and needs to be located. Or an asset list that needs to be completed.

Serious companies (even small ones) have some web-based (or sometimes desktop) system with an actual database for this stuff. We stopped keeping company inventory and such as floating files years ago.

An accountant uses Excel in all kinds of ways, and those documents need to be disseminated to management.

Accuontants use accounting software. Even more so in corporate environments.

What do you think your companies policy manuals were written in? The ISO quality manual? Material Safety Data Sheets? The log sheet to record when the bathrooms were cleaned? Device Master Records? Customs declarations paperwork? Grant applications? Investment Prospectus? Meeting minutes? New Employee Orientation packages? Legal Contracts? Stock Option Grants? SEC Filings? Press Releases? Performance Reviews?

How many of us need to fill out an excel or word document to submit a timesheet, prepare a customer a quote, submit an expense report, request vacation time, fill out an order, prepare a project budget, estimate a job?

I have only used it to create my resume.

Yeah, not everybody is you.

Once every few years, maybe? That's far from being standard. Using a browser is way more standard (I've used one for most of the points you mention above).

Comment Re:AMD (Score 1) 142

Why choose intel?
1. better performance in just about everything

If you're willing to pay. Not everyone need the top performing CPU on the market.

2. lower power consumption

A very valid point, but irrelevant on the desktop area (unless you live somewhere where electricity is expensive, maybe?). Quite valid for laptops though.

3. more overclocking headroom

Really? You think that will make people choose Intel? 90+% of the people don't even know what overclocking is.

4. chipsets 'just work' and don't tend to have bizarre compatibility problems.

As do AMD's.

Sure, there's plenty of scenarios where Intel is a better choice. But there's plenty of others where AMD is the best choice.

Comment Re:We need to stop big tax dodgers useing loop hol (Score 1) 300

Again, the need for parents to leave money for their descendant's to have a home is yet another flaw in the system. It just proves that getting decent housing is inaccesible/too hard.

NEEDS should be covered by the goverment. And leaving money for you children to afford luxuries is sort of not-capitalist, because it means they got free money just for being your children (which is something we inhereted from feudalism/monarchies, and not actually capitalist).

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