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Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 116

I think since Bootcamp, everyone just assumed that Mac users were just dual booting to play games. Not always true, though (and a real inconvenience).

Why would mac users dual boot (and consider that "conventient), and Linux users run wine? Most Linux users run LInux on windows-compatible computers.

Comment Re:What person thinks this is OK? (Score 2) 191

The first time I saw that I knew I was not getting a blackberry.

Then you didnt do your research very well, because BIS is the ghetto "i cant afford a BES" experience. A proper BES is magnitudes more secure than anything SSL has to offer.

[citation needed]

There's absolutely no evidence to back this up. With SSL and my own server, I'm sure nobody's listening to my connection. The same can't be said for BES, because, seriously, we don't know!


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