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Comment Re:MS Office mewlers and shills, queue here! (Score 1) 249

Sadly, they departed too much from their OpenOffice origins.

As a former OO user (who never really used MSO), I find LO very alienating. There are some stupid features that annoy me to a point where it becomes unusable.

Here's a really stupid, but extremely annoying example:
OO opened ".pps" files in impress, so I could quickly view attachments from my email client and quickly scroll through them.
LO attempts to imitate MSO by opening them only in a fullscreenviewer, with transitions and music (which I'd rather avoid). There is no way to go back to the OO behaviour. The path is now:
1) save file to RW disk.
2) rename file
3) open renamed file.

The worst part isn't the change in default, but the fact that there is no option to go back to OO behaviours. Sure, MSO users feel more at home, but OO users feel they're using some new, wierd office suite they don't quite understand.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 4, Informative) 255

Legacy applications?
I've a 2010 intel motherboard with an integrated nic that reports "bad eeprom checksum" every time there's a power failure.
Intel only provides a DOS utility to re-flash the firmware, if it weren't for FreeDOS, I'd have a useless nic (on a mobo with no free PCIs, BTW).

Lots of hardware vendors still provide DOS-only BIOS updated, and similar utilities, regrettably, so FreeDOS still has plenty of uses - though not for the average user.

Comment Re:Less demand (Score 1) 269

Optical media will probably be around longer, as long as Hollywood doesn't manage to kill it off, because it has one concrete advantage: longevity (as long as it's not based on organic dyes). BD-R media is likely to be around (in single, 2, 3, 4, or more) layer forms for a really, really long time.

Optical media is already dying. High end notebooks (including ultrabooks) no longer include optical media.
Most desktops I've seen around don't have optical media.
I've 7 computers at home, of which only one (very old) laptop has a dvd drive.
At the office, only iMacs have optical drives.

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