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Comment Re:We need to stop big tax dodgers useing loop hol (Score 1) 300

Because building for my family's future is one of my primary motivators. I'm not just in it for myself. If I die I want my kids to receive the same education they would if I were still alive. The government already takes half of what I earn, and I will do everything legally possible to give them nothing more when I die.

Maybe the real issue is that your goverment isn't actually providing education for your own children. Your dependency on being able to leave capital to you descendants is merely a symptom of that actual problem.

Comment Re:LXDE on Mint Debian (Score 1) 287

The only thing that makes me hessitate about Mint is upgrades. It seems that it's oriented towards full-reinstall upgrades, and I wouldn't want my parents having to do that (and they wouldn't do it either). Having used XP for about 6years without reinstalling, I really want to offer something that can offer a similar experience.
Then again, Ubuntu has been know to break everything between releases. So I'm not sure what to use!

Comment Re:Ask her if she will accept any little change (Score 1) 287

And pray she doesn't want to stay with Windows. My mother learned to use Windows 8 out of spite enough so she doesn't need Linux, but not enough so she can keep her own computer clean (by the way, I need to go back there check how is the new antivirus working, does anybody have good recomendations?).

Personally, I don't bother giving any support to windows users - even family members. First of all, I don't want to waste time learning windows-related stuff, secondly, they know my stance on the matter, and know I won't support non-free software. Finally, they have more motivation to migrate to *nix if they know you'll support them once they do.

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