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Comment Re:Shameful (Score 1) 199

Honestly, there should be a viable, easy-to-use alternative to Facebook which respects your privacy and doesn't have shady dealings with a government and isn't run by a functionally retarded man-child. But if there is one, well I don't know about it. And if I don't know about it, then 95% of people don't know about it.

I concurs, but sadly, most people don't, and that's why we don't have such an alternative. :(

Comment Re:Messaging? (Score 1) 199

It's Jabber, but without the hassle of account creation. Username is automatically set up as your phone number, and password is your IMEI or something.

Jabber with the most important part stripped off: de-centralization. And no voice/video support either.

Comment Re:Messaging? (Score 1) 199

I read the web site, and I still don't understand what this web site is all about. Is it really just yet another messaging platform designed to get around SMS messaging charges? Am I missing something obvious?

1. There are tons and tons of ways to send messages to people last I checked. Why is this one worth "$16B"?

They pay for the userbase.

2. Who still pays for SMS messages? I've had unlimited texting plans for the better part of a decade, and they're cheaper than most people's cable TV bills. Are text messages significantly expensive outside of the US?

Yes, outside the US prices vary a lot. I pay, what you'd percieve as 20-50cents per message. I know other countries do have free SMS. Some plans here have free SMS, but they're the extremely expesive ones.

Comment Re:Oh Good (Score 1) 199

XMPP, as always, continues to cover everything. Open standard, lots of open source implementations, de-centralized, IM, voice, and video.
But people will still use whatever has the best marketing.

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