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Comment Re:What will you do about White House intervention (Score 1) 99

I live in Argentina. Our economy sucks, we can barely get foreign currencies if we want to live the country, we can't import almost anything, and we've like a millon of other really sucky problems.

But here, we only patent inventions, not ideas, and that's the one (and only) thing that makes me proud about this so very problematic country.

We don't you guys learn from us!!

Comment Re:Never intended.... (Score 1) 61

Even though most Java software is probably built against JRE6, and incompatible with JRE7.

Java 6 bytecode runs perfectly fine on JRE7

JDK7 is still just a way of pressuring a lot of people to pay for a support contract, because they need their critical security fixes for JRE6, to keep running their applications.

Support contract? Updates for the JDK are freeware, and the there's always OpenJDK.

Comment Re:Dumb question: (Score 1) 61

Take Windows for example, how do you get at the time zone data on that platform? (not just the current time zone as set under "date and time" but all the time zone data and settings including historical information)

By developing OS-specific ways to retrieve that information? They already do this for plenty of others things (most low level APIs).

Comment Re:I replaced it ages ago (Score 1) 335

Oh, btw, I'm not the author of it either!
It's a modified version of and old release of this one: http://www.allthingsrss.com/rss2email/

I think the modifications I did were encoding related and to fix wrapping of very long lines. (I sent some of those changes back to the author at the time).
If I ever get around to double checking those changes are decently implemented, I'll share those as well.

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