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Comment Re:but my LAN security! (Score 1) 505

If I decided to do this, I would need to operate my LAN like every node was bare on the internet.

You should be doing that anyway if you actually care about security.

I've got fileservers with guest access (for, you know... houseguests), web services, my invoicing system, and a whole slew of other personal services.

Sounds like if any single of your devices (or your guest's devices) are compromised, your entire network is compromised. The problem already exists, opening up your network would only expose it further.

Comment Re:Uh ... What? (Score 1) 320


Now, what stops a company from taking your code and making massive changes to it and shipping that code for mad moneys? What forces them to give back their changes that might make that code better?

Nothing. Giving stuff away for free means you don't expect anything in return. Not all forms of FLOSS are GPL-like.

What did you and the community gain by contributing to that company's revenue? What if I just took your code and put it on a CD and started selling it with no credit to you and no link or reference to the source code? Wouldn't that rub you the wrong way? Just a little?

Some people just don't care about all that. All they care about is creating a good software for people to use. Period.

Well, what if that company then claimed that your code was an unlicensed version of their code and moved to have it remove?

The same can ocurr if the code had a BSD banner on top of it - a license doesn't keep companies from making up lies.

Comment No more breakage with dist-upgrade (Score 1) 222

I've used Arch for years, which uses rolling release as well.
I've noticed that rolling release doesn't tend to carry the breakage that dist-upgrade carries, because changes are gradual to the system, one at a time, and don't need to be tested in some arbitrarily defined time, which means they usually get tested more thoroughly too.

Comment Re:Who Cares? (Score 1) 129

It's not just open source: the truth is, windows doesn't have a bug tracker, so you can't see really old bugs.
Windows 7 won't allow users to open/delete/move/do-anything-else on files with some particular characters in their filename. This bug has existed since DOS, so it's actually around two decades old.

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