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Comment Re:A Joke (Score 1) 189

I sure as hell can.

How to tell if it's a java app:
  * It's doesn't use the OS's look and feel.
  * It doesn't use the same font AA and hinting as everything else.
  * A simple two-button window will take several seconds to load (instead of 1s), regardless of hardware.
  * Memory usage jumps up, even if it's just a tiny console app.

Comment Re:Not family sharing, more like account borrowing (Score 1) 263

Create as many accounts as game you have, and a dummy account for each computer you own. Share all the games with all computers' accounts. Since each game is it's own library, any game can be played on any computer at any given time. The only drawback is that you can't both play the same game at the same time.

Comment How about multiple devices? (Score 1) 263

How about a much more real and everyday scenario: multiple devices for a single account.
I've a desktop and a laptop; not unusual amongst gamers. If I want to download my steam library into my laptop, I've to stop playing on my desktop. This actually happened to me recently: I had a plane trip some hours later, I could either play a game (desktop), or download one for the trip(laptop), not both!

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