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Comment Re:This is a game changer that we have been dreami (Score 1) 109

How can you have such a completely different experience from my own? I tried Gaikai at work during lunch breaks. Our offices are on top of a datacentre and we have a few 10Gbps direct links to LINX (london internet exchange). I don't think gaming connectivity gets any better than what I have there. Yet Gaikai SUCKED donkey balls every single time I tried it. I absolutely hated the latency and never played for more than 15 minutes before I got annoyed with it.


Submission + - Info on Intel Bay Trail 22nm Atom Platform Shows Out-of-Order Design (hothardware.com)

MojoKid writes: "New leaked info from Intel sheds light on how the company's 2014 platforms will challenge ARM products in the ultra light, low power market. At present, the company's efforts in the segment are anchored by Cedar Trail, the 32nm dual-core platform that launched a year ago. To date, all of Intel's platform updates for Atom have focused on lowering power consumption and ramping SoC integration rather than focusing on performance — but Bay Trail will change that. Bay Trail moves Atom to a quad-core, 22nm, out-of-order design. It significantly accelerates the CPU core with burst modes of up to 2.7GHz, and it'll be the first Atom to feature Intel's own graphics processor instead of a licensed core from Imagination Technologies."

Comment Re:Great system for parents (Score 1) 372

"They know what they are getting when they buy it"? Surely there are lawsuits and marketing twists that prove it can't be true.

Are these the same people who can't discriminate between Galaxy Tab and iPad? Same people who play with a GNU/Linux based netbook in the shop, buy it and then return it (allegedly) because they did not realise it wasn't running Windows?

Comment Re:A Mature Local Machine Product vs Immature Clou (Score 1) 346

somebody please correct me if i'm wrong; it was on slashdot i read that standardised ODF format lags so far behind what open/libreoffice are using at the moment that the only way to create fully compatible documents is to read their source code and implement that. (which is why calligra, word, abiword suck at odf) i'm not sure if that was a microsoft shill's FUD campaign or reality and i would like to know.

calligra's odf compatibility page: https://community.kde.org/Calligra/ODF_Problems

Comment Re:6 months? (Score 2, Interesting) 311

I love naive reponses from people with no kids. There are 2 reasons for using electronic devices like a tablet with a baby:
1. When I watch my wife entertaining/stimulating/educating/feeding/exercising and walking with our baby for 12 hours a day, I cannot but feel sorry for her. Being able to put the baby in front of a screen for half an hour a day gives her a way to avoid going insane.
2. A tablet/TV/computer screen/phone is not a way to avoid responsible parenting. It's simply yet another stimulant in the endless search for things to do with a baby that gets fed up with an activity after 15 minutes. (That's 30-40 different activities a day, every day (some activities like eating, singing, etc. can be repeated)

So my baby's recommendation is "my baby piano" on android.

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