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Submission + - EBay Shares iPad 2 Sales Data (

MojoKid writes: "Apple's second generation iPad tablet has been on the market for nearly 3 weeks now, and while the Cupertino outfit isn't quite ready to cough up sales data, online auction site eBay does have some numbers to share. The iPad 2 sold out of most stores during its opening weekend launch, making the tablet hard to come by. But one place out-of-stock items are rarely in short supply is eBay, albeit at hugely inflated prices. According to eBay, nearly 12,000 units were sold in auction in the two-week period between the U.S. launch and the iPad's launch in 25 additional international countries. Perhaps more interesting is the percentage of iPad 2 devices being sold in the U.S. compared to the first gen iPad. Of those nearly 12,000 units, about 65 percent were sold to buyers living in the U.S., versus 35 percent of first generation iPads in 2010."

Submission + - Improving healthcare in Zambia with CouchDB (

blackbearnh writes: In the developing world, the integration of medical records that we take for granted is a rare thing. But a project in Zambia is trying to improve healthcare in rural areas by keeping volunteer works in rural villages in contact with clinics and supervisors. A big component of making this work is the NoSQL database called CouchDB, because it provides reliable synching of medical records over slow and sometimes unreliable connections. In an interview over on O'Reilly Radar, one of the principal architects of the system talks about the project, and why CouchDB was such a good fit.

Comment Re:Well with the stupid rules in place (Score 1) 341

There's no arguing it's a twisted concept but these things are the heart of venture capitalism and has the possibility to become a major field in an already struggling healthcare system where the consumer may have an advantage if in good health and suddenly have to deal with intense pain or suffering at some point but get their life back and their money's worth.

Submission + - Web Video Text Tracks Explained (

theweatherelectric writes: Dr. Silvia Pfeiffer recently gave a Google Tech talk explaining the Web Video Text Track file format. She writes, 'On Wednesday, I gave a talk at Google about WebVTT, the Web Video Text Track file format that is under development at the WHATWG for solving time-aligned text challenges for video. I started by explaining all the features that WebVTT supports for captions and subtitles, mentioned how WebVTT would be used for text audio descriptions and navigation/chapters, and explained how it is included into HTML5 markup, such that the browser provides some default rendering for these purposes. I also mentioned the metadata approach that allows any timed content to be included into cues.' Slides of her talk are also available.

Submission + - SPAM: The US Navy successfully Prevents another Hijackin

An anonymous reader writes: The United States Navy has foiled another attempt by Somali Pirates to hijack a ship recently. The attempt occurred in the Northern Indian Ocean. The Enterprise Strike Group executed the rescue operation by dispatching a ship and some helicopters to assist.

The ship radioed a distress signal to the force which just happened to be in the vicinity at the time. The crew had locked themselves in a safe room when the attack occurred and radioed for help from there. Our navy ring troops fired on several pirates as they fled from the hijacked vessel and chased them to the mother ship when they fled. Pirates on the mother ship fired small arms at the helicopters but didn’t do any damage.

The mother ship was able to escape because our Navy ring customers did not return fire. I wondered about this when I first heard it but as I read the rules of engagement I understood. The mother ships are sometimes used to hold prisoners who have been kidnapped so our sailors didn’t return fire in order to not harm any innocent people

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Submission + - Change in AT&T Terms of Service (

Covalent writes: "The new AT&T TOS was released today and it includes new language regarding "network management". In short, AT&T now reserves the right to cap your bandwidth and throttle your connection for whatever reason it sees fit, so long as it is "reasonable". It also includes new language regarding copyright infringement: "AT&T and Yahoo! assume no responsibility, and you assume all risks, regarding the determination of whether material is in the public domain, or may otherwise be used by you for such purposes."

Wanna guess if AT&T will turn over your information if subpoenaed?"

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