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Comment Re:That's what they want (Score 1) 298

Yeah, they could figure something out about the hard drive space. Just put a tiny tax on all drives if you want to, otherwise enforcement is a problem. But the real problem is copying. As I recall, the deal is that you can make a copy of something for your own use, but you can't distribute copies. In my opinion, P2P should count as distributing copies, because the effect is the same. But yes, I know there's a counter-argument.

Comment Re:That's what they want (Score 1) 298

You have a far better chance of catching them if you don't drive them underground.

If we were talking about fighting censorship, that would be a good point. But we're talking about law enforcement. Whether it's pirating or drug dealing, you can't let them carry out their business and bust them for it too. It's either legal or it's not.

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