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Comment Re:For Americans only? (Score 1) 198

I'm sure the Australian tax authority has kept a copy of this confession as evidence of you breaking the law. If I were you I wouldn't wear those boots outside the house for at least six months.

Exactly how is that a crime? In australia you can import anything under AUD1000 without paying GST.

Comment Re:4.5 kg isn't so much (Score 1) 262

Aside from the noise what would be nice for this kind of desktop replacement is a 1 or 2u server with a rackmount lcd/keyboard in softcarry bag like you can get for rackmount dj gear. I mean you now need power but really the battery on most desktop replacements is more like a small ups then for one the go use.

Comment Re:Lack of polish (Score 1) 208

This. Its why time capsule holds so much appeal, its the very user friend gui. Sure i and probably a decent proportion could put together something that does the same function as a time capsule for the bits in our parts box's, couple hundred meg of dled software and the price of the hdd's. But it sure as hell wouldn't be any where close to as user friendly as a time capsule.

Comment Re:What a story without pictures? (Score 0) 130

"Can someone make a fucking goatse blocker firefox plugin please? This is pissing me off now."

I have no idea how difficult plugins are to program are, but how hard would it be to code a plugin that is you click on a shortened url, compares the images on the next page to a folder of shock images and give you a warning page with the similarity to a shick image displayed?

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