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Comment Academia vs Industry -- or a matter of standards? (Score 1) 583

I think academia is right to distrust "teaching to the fad" because concepts don't change, and people who know the concepts will be good at picking up the fads. Math -- to a lesser or greater extent, it's arguable -- is one of the concepts.

Analogy: if you'll be programming in Java and Python, why learn C or assembly? Don't "tough" concepts like pointers and managing your own memory turn off a lot of potentially great programmers? Well ... apparently they wouldn't have been so great. Without these concepts, you think you're fine bubbling along in Java till one day you try reading in a 10-MB file by using String str = str + nextLine() and don't understand why it's taking forever.

So -- this is also about standards. What standards a student has for herself, and what standards a school wants to set for its students. You think most of the programmers hired at Google don't know calculus and linear algebra? It's not about whether you integrate functions on a daily basis, it's that (1) you've proven you're smart and those smarts often correlate with good coding, and (2) you have additional tools and a better understanding in many cases. In industry, that pays.

And to be blunt, if someone told me they hadn't had calc or probability, I would distrust their overall understanding of the field of "computer science". Nothing against their programming skills, it's just that a lot of what I call "CS" includes mathematical concepts, and I think that a CS degree should include them.


Submission + - Google fixes Gmail issues, provides explanation (

tincat7788 writes: Remember the little freak accident caused by Google by some users woke up on Monday only to find their Gmail accounts emptied of all their messages? Well, it seems that Google has managed to identify the culprit responsible for the little incident, and has issued a statement describing what actually happened that day. On the plus side, the search giant has also assured users that no data was permanently wiped off the face of the virtual world.

Read on to find out more.


Submission + - Thunderbolt (in new Macbook Pro) to enforce DRM (

bo1024 writes: "This article mentions that Apple's new connection technology, Thunderbolt, will support the same HDCP limitations that its video outs have had in the past.

But Thunderbolt isn't just a video port; it's supposed to replace USB and Firewire as well. Granted it's doubtful Apple will attempt to control simple data transfer anytime soon, but is this a bad sign for the future? Or was it only to be expected from Apple?

Plus, what are your overall thoughts on Thunderbolt?"

Submission + - Does IPv6 Actually Work? (

darthcamaro writes: We've all been hearing for years that we should start looking at IPv6 — and now that IPv4 that seems really obvious, but there is a catch..IPv6 isn't quite ready to be deployed at scale. There are a long list of interoperability issues including problems with DHCPv6, IPv4 to IPv6 transition system mechanisms and oh yeah, web applications too.

"There are still known issues with DNS records, and if you have a AAAA record and an A record, what happens to your application?" Winters said. "You go to the AAAA and if it's not there, your application will hang." AAAA is the IPv6 record type in DNS, while the A record is for IPv4. Winters noted that it is surprising how some applications will only take the top record from a DNS resolver, whatever that record may be. He added that there is an IETF draft called, Happy Eyeballs which attempts to help resolve that issue.

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