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Comment Your 80 and you look 40! How do you look so young? (Score 3, Interesting) 368

So what's your secret to looking so young? You made an appearance in the documentary, "Transcendent Man". For those of you who haven't seen it, it is a documentary about Ray Kurzweil's continuing quest to take enough supplements and pursue enough radical life-extension techniques to survive long enough to see the technological singularity and thus live forever. Are you pursuing similar supplement regimes and/or life extension techniques to keep you looking young? If so, what works and what doesn't?

Comment I think I know where this is going (Score 2) 98

They use a pagerank like algorithm to analyze the person's social network (links in an out) and the person's actions (page content) and then compute a "TerrorScore" much like a google "Page Rank". They then knock these guys off one by one with UAVs. The whole thing runs unattended. Nobody knows exactly why people get killed, that's just the algorithm. They can't turn it off either unfortunately, because then the terrorists would win! Quick, somebody write a screenplay :).

Comment The flaw is central planning is NP hard! (Score 5, Insightful) 1271

The flaws in Marxism were all figured out in the 1920s. Here, let me explain:

If you have goods that are directly consumable like bread or cheese you can divide them up among people evenly. That works. What doesn't work and is essentially an NP hard problem without money is how goods that are used to make other goods are used. Let's take an example of a freight railroad. What do you ship on the railroad? Shoes, fuel, tiny sub-assemblies of combine harvesters? If you have a piece of construction equipment, what do you build with it? A school, a factory, a playground, a road? In a modern economy all this creates an astonishing amount of complexity that is intractable from a central planning point of view.

How does this work in a capitalist system? Simple : Prices. The price of everything determines what the railroad ships, what the construction equipment builds, etc. In a complex investment decision, such as where to build a factory and what to produce in it, the managers use estimations based on prices of the factors of production and how much they can get for the goods produced to determine whether to build a factory, and where to build it. Prices are a distributed highly multi-threaded information system that tells people what is scarce and what is plentiful from moment to moment and thus directs production.

Prices are somewhat distorted by bank credit money creation and the associated credit cycles, which is what causes the booms and busts in capitalism. That can be fixed, but that's a topic for another day.

The history of the Soviet Union is full of massive planning errors. They built many towns in the middle of Siberia that they abandoned once the Soviet Union fell because the production output was minimal, they cost an enormous amount to heat and deliver supplies to and nobody wanted to live there. They didn't know this until they knew the real prices for running these cities. No communist government, except for the psychopathic regieme of Pol Pot ever dared to completely get rid of money, and even he admitted it was his biggest mistake!

If you want to dig into the theory of the planning problem in capitalism, I'd recommend Mises "Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth"


Comment Re:All it takes (Score 1) 165

The key here is to firewall off different parts of the organization from other parts. The HR department does not need access to the development network, etc. They should be on different domain controllers with different domain admins entirely. Attempts to probe the network from the inside should be monitored and investigated by IT. This is very difficult on a publicly accessible internet server as there are 10s of thousands of bot attacks in a day, but should be doable inside the network. This takes a lot of IT time and is often viewed as frustrating and completely unnecessary if the organization's executives don't understand the importance of protecting against internal threats.

Comment Rain is a big emergency in North Chile! (Score 1) 195

They had rain a few years ago in Iquique, another town in North Chile that hardly ever gets rain. It caused quite a disruption because many poorer people have cardboard roofs on their houses, which ,obviously, do not work particularly well when it rains.


Comment Heim Theory says its mass is 0.51617049 MeV/c (Score 2) 226

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heim_theory is an alternate model of particle physics that does a pretty good job of predicting the mass of fundamental particles mathematically.

The theory also allows for particle states that don't exist in the Standard Model, including a neutral electron and two extra light neutrinos, and many other extra states.

What's the predicted mass of the neutral electron particle? It's 0.51617049 MeV/c.

Comment Because Microsoft broke SSL (Score 1) 665

If Microsoft would ever fix this bug more sites would use SSL.


Why do I get I/O errors when connecting via HTTPS to an Apache+mod_ssl server with Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE)?

The first reason is that the SSL implementation in some MSIE versions has some subtle bugs related to the HTTP keep-alive facility and the SSL close notify alerts on socket connection close. Additionally the interaction between SSL and HTTP/1.1 features are problematic in some MSIE versions. You can work around these problems by forcing Apache not to use HTTP/1.1, keep-alive connections or send the SSL close notify messages to MSIE clients. This can be done by using the following directive in your SSL-aware virtual host section:

SetEnvIf User-Agent ".*MSIE.*" \
nokeepalive ssl-unclean-shutdown \
downgrade-1.0 force-response-1.0

Comment I think the politicians have just run out of ideas (Score 1) 288

Ever notice how a politician will hardly ever take a specific stand on any issue and if they do they'll never follow through (e.g Obama)? It's like politicians don't want to lead anymore and they just let their handlers and lobbyists put laws in front of them to sign and they do it because they don't really give a crap and they've completely run out of ideas. If you get a guy like Ron Paul who actually has ideas and doesn't just talk in meaningless genralities, all you see is non-stop ridicule.

Comment Not exactly WWII (Score 5, Interesting) 640

The last time Russia was fighting for its territorial integrity 24 million Russians died. The terrorists have severely underestimated what it takes to frighten the Russian leadership into making concessions. You see, as long as all the terrorists die, the Russians don't really care. If you look at the Beslan massacre or the Moscow Theatre Seige, there was very little concern for the hostages, many of whom died during the raids by the security forces. It seems the main thing the government accomplished in both of the raids was killing all the terrorists and minimal casualties to security forces. It's probably modeled after things like Stalin's decision to not evacuate Stalingrad when the Nazis invaded.

Comment Re:Heh (Score 1) 541

No, the worst problem is researching the causes of autism is now a stigmatized field. It would be good to figure out what causes it, whether it's genetic, a brain damaging pathogen, or some sort of new environmental toxin like BPA or even an old one like Dioxin. Now every time someone comes out with a study that probes the causes of autism, a huge avalanche of skeptics will come out comparing it to the earlier fraudulent vaccine finding and dismiss it before giving it a through review.

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