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Comment They need 4th and 5th Party HELP too! (Score 0) 86

The biggest fault that Bill Gates doesn't understand in his crappy OS's is just this: The concept of a System Registry. Absolute, Joke! Terrible flaw!!!!! Microsoft = Frequent reboots because of drastic memory leaks. Frequent security patches that require constant reboots. "Require" anti-virus software (Norton, McAfee) that do not work to the extent they say they do. This all equals downtime and headaches for businesses. Microsoft doesn't belong at the Enterprise Level. PERIOD! It's an absolute money pit to maintain and administer because of the reasons I stated. Although it is Job Security!!!!

Comment Re:DOA? (Score 1) 87

When I was I going to college back in 2000, the flavor being pushed by Baker College, Michigan, was Netware 5.0 & 5.1, exclusively for Computer Networking. Netware was a DOS based Network Operating system (NDS) They preached that DOS was the most stable "bottom end" to build your NET OS on for your business! I thought, DOS???????? I knew of MS and their affiliation with DOS and I found that extremely troublesome. NDS "IS" what AD 'copied' from. At the moment I am a retired Family Man that became a Red Hat 5.5 admin that got tired of reporting to Microsoft ignorance at the corporate level. Corporate would hire MS interns that knew "ZILCH" about Unix/Linux. I am now on the verge of owning my own McDonalds Restaurant in McDonalds. I like Novell going to Linux. It just makes scents!!! Words of advice!!! OWN your OWN Business and be done with reporting to someone other than yourself.

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